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Jets WILL Win Out and win Super Bowl

nj meadowlands

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Well, guys. Here is the most realistic account of the remainder of the season I could come up with. The Jets will win out and storm into the playoffs with the AFC East crown. In order for this to happen, the Pats will have lost in Kansas City and Buffalo. Jay Fiedler's triumphant return in Week 13 will spark the Jets and the defense will play lights out.

AFC Playoffs

1 - Indianapolis

2 - Denver

3 - Cincinatti

4 - NY Jets

5 - Pittsburgh

6 - Kansas City

Wild Card Weekend

Pittsburgh - 6

NY Jets - 10

--> Jonathan Vilma scores the Jets' only TD.

Cincinatti - 31

Kansas City - 17

Divisional Playoffs

NY Jets - 24

Indianapolis - 21 (OT)

--> In the most stunning upset in NFL history since Super Bowl III, a botched FG at the end of regulation by Mike Vanderjagt sends the 16-0 Colts into Overtime against the Jets, where Mike Nugent ices it from 50.

Cinncinati - 27

Denver - 17

AFC Championship - Cincinatti, OH

NY Jets - 20

Cincinatti - 10

--> Jay Fiedler throws for 340 yards and 2 TDs and the world is awake and rooting.

Super Bowl XL

NY Jets - 21

Dallas - 20

--> In Tuna Bowl 40 the Jets capitalize on 3 Bledsoe INTs, catalyzed by the return of Mo Lewis in an attempt to scare the Dallas quarterback. It works.

The stage is set. Win out and it's ours!!!

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Ignoring how dumb and impossible the rest of this post is, even if the Jets would win out, 8-8 would get them to the playoffs? I suppose San Diego and Jacksonville lose out the rest of the way, huh?

Ignoring how dumb and impossible your lack of a sense of humor is, you should notice in the scenario New England loses 4 times and goes to 8-8. In this crackpipe dream of a scenario, the Jets would win the division.

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