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Jets Inspired Food for Football Sunday


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Being out of state, in blustery Minnesota, we usually have friends over every Sunday to watch football. I always go overboard and cook a bunch of food. It could be anything from smoking some pork for pulled pork sandwiches, to making a NY pizza from scratch.

Anyhow, I got to thinking that maybe some of you did the same and have come up with a Jets themed entree or dish. I was hoping that we could put together maybe a thread, or something with some good recipes inspired by the Jets, and our love of them, for eating during the game.

Thoughts? Ideas?

Maybe a Jetnation Cook Book?

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Maybe, we could all post recipes, and have Crusher decide who gets into the 1st annual JetNation cookbook. Then we could post it on the website, as just another example of how JetNation is the site that cares...

Maybe a collection of like 10-12 recipes that are deidcated to football, but more importantly the Jets and their fans.

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I came up with a new recipe. It's called "Nachos de Schotty"

It starts with eggs instead of tortillas, just to **** with you.

Then it includes refried beans and cheese, but just when you think it tastes Mexican, I throw a big kielbasa on it just to make you think.

In the end, I just throw the ingredients at you, and hope that somehow you figure out how to make it taste good, but not before I create a huge discomfort in your stomach.

And there you have it, "Nachos de Schotty".

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