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Offical David Harris call out thread

Lego My Lageman

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Yep. They then began their subsequent drive with 2 run plays. We somehow still managed to win the game.

True, but the reason I left that out - that Oakland started the next drive with 2 runs instead of 3 - is because we actually stopped it, forcing them to pass on 3rd & long.

We managed to win the game because it was the Raiders were just awful.

Who was the opposing HC (who I believed also called the plays on offense), who called all those consecutive runs?

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hmmmm, so if they don't run at Harris, how's he going to get tackles again? Did he whiff on any yesterday? I don't recall him missing any tackles, I thought Scott missed a big one, however. Our entire line was bad on Sunday, not just Harris.

Rex will rekindle the defensive fire, just like he did after the 45-3 Patriots loss last year.

Week after the the 45-3 game they lost to the Fish. Just saying.

They only gave up 10 points so I guess that was something

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I remember that game too. They absolutely did run it on every single play of the drive. It was probably one of THE most embarrassing defensive performances in Jet history.

You want to talk about embarrassing losses from a team not throwing the ball.

Last year, Mississippi State went into the Swamp, beat the Gators, without attempting a pass in the entire 2nd half. Now thats an embarrassing loss.

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