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Jets re-sign Aaron Maybin to active roster


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At this time of the year whatever players you are going to add are going to be like drug store diamonds. Not the very best!

But Maybin may have the most potential of whats available in free agents and PS squads to fill the JETS needs.


IMO guy gets two weeks, Ravens, and pats to see if he can bring some heat from the outside. One thing he showed in camp is speed off the edge, pursuit across the field, and unlike Gholston, after he is taken wide, which is often, he continues to come back after the QB.

I think this is a no lose signing. If he gets a sacks, and a few hurries, its a great signing. If he brings nothing, he's gone after the Pats

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I'm glad they brought Maybin back in. He looked good in the few games he's play and has shown great speed around the edge. I thought he played well enough to earn a spot and this is justified. Part of me wishes they addressed the Oline instead, but who knows, maybe Mangold will play this week.

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TheJetsStream Manish Mehta

Breaking: Jets sign OLB Aaron Maybin to active roster, per source. #nyj


AdamSchefter Adam Schefter

So Rex Ryan wasn't through with him: Aaron Maybin re-signed with Jets.


I like it... we need some ******* speed

Maybin had a solid preseason imo. He should should have already been on the active roster. Its not like we possess any pass rushers :fighting0093:

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Why he was released in the first place I don't know. He was really the only active pass rusher via preseason. Glad he's back, now let's see if he can do anything. Chances point towards, meh, but lets see!

Completely agree. I'm not betting on anything, but I'm certainly interested to see how he does with a real shot amongst starting players. He showed some serious flashes in the preseason and while it may have been against 2nd and 3rd stringers, those are the same guys who everyone not named Pace or Thomas were rushing against in that same preseason without showing a damn thing. If nothing else I consider it a low risk, high reward situation for a skill set that just doesn't exist anywhere else on this roster.

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