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Reyes bunts for a single, leaves game

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I wonder whose decision it was... I remember when Boggs sat out the last game of the season so that Mattingly wouldn't be able to catch him for the battling title. This actually looks like more of a bush league move.

It was Reyes' decision, Boggs was WEAK too!

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Maybe he figures he can make more $$$ in the offseason coming fresh off a battling title.

Maybe his agent put that in his ear, but Reyes still went and told the manager that is what he is doing.

Anyway, I think what he did may have a negative effect, maybe not with the teams, but definitely with the players.

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Reggie did it the one year he finished with a .300 average. I just remember watching the game. But I don't remember anyone - fans or sports writers - calling it bush-league. It's a game with nothing on the line. Would have been stupid for either of them - or any number of players that did it over the years - to get up there and swing away 2-3 more times in a meaningless game.

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One player that escaped the ignominy was Adam Dunn, who sat the final game of the season to AVOID 502 plate appearances (which would have qualified him in the "batting title"), thus avoiding having the all time worst batting average as a regular player---.159

That is as bad, and probably worse.

Protecting a lead is thought of as "smart" in sports. Teams that don't protect leads are thought of as poorly managed and dumb. Should a player be thought of differently? If the Mets were in a pennant fight, I would think of this differently.

If it makes him happy, so be it. history has been recorded.

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