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Superbowl's arent won or lost in October


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A win can camoflage a multitude of ills, and that is sometimes ok. That said, its obvious that Im not sold on Sanchez. I havent seen to this point in his career, any reason to be. However, it frustrates me when I see him so lost out there, that I curse ( and Im not one who curses) , at the TV set when he doesnt seem to have BASIC QB skills. Yet , to his credit, when he does make a good play, I can be found jumping up and down like a goofy 48 yr old kid.....and I'd be lying to u guys if i said that I didnt enjoy that. Hopefully, he has gained some confidence after this win. He should be a great deal more polished than he is right now. Thats not just my opinion, it appears to be shared by EVERY QB commentatror and coach every week. CMON MAN !!!!!!....We Can Contend!! But we absolutely NEED for u to take control of YOUR offense, ....GROW UP already.!!!...Im sick of excuses and potential , and almost!!!! PLAY the game and let me be that big kid EVERY WEEK After all, thats why Im a fan in the first place!!!.........................GO JETS!!!!!!!!! :box:

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