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My thoughts of game last night


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I thought Brooks played very well and deserved the win. You know he has a stronger arm than Penne. He threw to perfect throws on TDs, there was no floating objects on those 2 throws :)

Coles has to make that catch, no need to bobble it, it was a perfect throw.

Brooks has convinced me that he can be a capable backup, Jetison JayBoy and his salary, as well as Noodle-roni.

The Jets D was terrible and they are the cause of this defeat. A Brooks is a terrible QB and makes many terrible decisions and we could not generate any turnovers! A Stecker/A Smith also ran well on us.

Where are the Defensive injuries? We should be able to beat this team without any O and last night we had some!

If we go 2-14, i do not see how Woodrow can keep the grillmaster/TB! This franchise is truly cursed to have an imbecile as an owner. Sh8T reggie bush will probably fall off the podium after shaking Tags hand and break his F'n leg in 5 places.

What is there now to root for? pain for the patriots

I hope we take out (cleanly of course) Cindy and his band of misfits. I want them to be hit like they have never been hit b4. adam V can kick the winning Fg and win 10-9 for all i care.

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