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Joe McKnight, who's amped to see this kid tonight?


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As long as McKnight can avoid the costly fumble, or fumbles peroid, I feel he'll become a very dynamic running back. What I've seen from this kid running the football during his USC days, combined with how explosive he's been on special teams as only a second year player this season, I truly believe that McKnight can become a New York star, not only on special teams, but also on the offensive side of the ball. His quickness and speed could become something dynamic/special behind our offensive line. I love what Tomlinson did for us last season, and I've enjoyed Tomlinson as a 3rd down back this year, especially due to his pass protection ability, but when I found out LT was missing tonight's game? My first thought; was Joe McKnight. I just have a strong feeling McKnight will become that explosive/dynamic back we've dreamed of for years on end.


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im excited to see if he's progressed at all and excited to see if powell was worth the pick, cuz i never thought he was..

also, i think since schotty didnt have a lot of time to gameplan for the broncos... u will see a much better gameplan from schotty for the broncos

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