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With Richard Todd, this Team would win a Championship

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So Richard "The Terrible" Todd has a fan. Who'd have guessed?

Actually I met the other one at a wedding-and the fellow had nearly the same last name as me.

I went to a game when Todd was starting. While the other team ran up the score, Todd's total offense was dumping the ball off on third down to RB Clark Gaines, who would be shadowed by a linebacker set to drop him just short of the first down. Over and over, this went on for three quarters. Third and six....five yards to Gaines cutting across the middle....BOOM linebacker immediately levels Gaines short of the first down.....punt.

Finally Gaines gets carried off the field on a stretcher.

In comes Kevin Long to replace him-same size running back. Third and seven....here comes Kevin Long across the middle for five yards.....BOOM linebacker drops him short of the first.....punt. Over and over.

Most of the crowd leaves early in disgust.

Read the next day's paper-Todd passes for over 400 yards in Jets loss. Yeah, 400 yards and 350 of it was five yard routes on third down, short of the first.

That was the QB career of Richard Todd.

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