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Rumor: Tike Redman to the Mets for cash considerations


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Supposedly a done deal. Tike had been removed from the Pirates 40 man roster. Those who follow the Mets minor league system know his brother Prentice had been a career minor leaguer for the team until this past year. Pretty sure Prentice was released or retired or something.

Tike will probably be the new backup CF/5th OF/pinch runner or wind up in AAA.


Redman's game is to primarily hit the ball on the ground and take advantage of his speed. However, he has started to develop power and will occasionally turn on a mistake pitch and hit it into the gap or over the fence. Redman is going to have to greatly improve his plate discipline to ever be a plus offensive player. He tends to hit better the deeper he works the count but too often his at-bats are over after one or two pitches. Redman could also help his cause by bunting on a more consistent basis. Pitchers with good breaking balls give him trouble.

Baserunning & Defense

Redman has outstanding speed and is a stolen base threat, though he doesn't run as much, especially when hitting lower in the batting order. However, he sometimes gets bad jumps and doesn't always show the best instincts on the bases. Redman is improving defensively and his speed tends to cover up his mistakes. A strengthening program helped his throwing last season, though his arm is still below average. Redman also doesn't consistently take good routes to flyballs and can be fooled by balls hit over his head.

Now we REALLY win the offseason championship!!

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