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We might have to win out to get into the playoffs


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In my situation I had us beating Bills, Redskins, Chiefs.. In those 3 weeks the broncos lost a game, the titans lost 2 and the bengals lost to houston and pittsburgh. we were the 6 seed.

I then had us losing vs the eagles, and the bengals winning that week and I believe broncos losing.

we were still considered the 6 seed which means we would just need to beat the giants and dolphins or even beat the eagles, lose to giants, then beat dolphins.

Basically if we were to lose but to an NFC team and finish 10-6 we would get in over the 10-6 bengals if they only lost 2 of their last 6 games. In this situation the only team that would get in over us is the broncos but no way do they finish 5-1.

as long as bengals lose 2 more games, and we only lose one and it is to the giants eagles or redskins we will be in the playoffs. Unless by some miracle, tebow goes 5-1 as well.

if we do end up beating the eagles, that giants game really is irrelevant to us because if we lose we just need to beat miami but even if we win vs the giants we would still need to beat the dolphins assuming the bengals don't lose 3 more games. so we could be clinching vs the giants or just that game means nothing as we could clinch vs the dolphins.

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