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NBA players and owners reach preliminary agreement

Bergen Jet

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Can't wait for the Knicks to take the court this season. Watching the Melo and Amare show from game #1 should be something very exciting to watch. This Knicks team is being led by two superstars; I'm amped. The development of both Fields and Douglas is what I'm most looking forward too. These young guards gained plenty of much needed experience last season. Iman Shumpert is another young, exciting guard we drafted during the offseason. This kid has star potential/ability. I just can't wait to see us compete with the Heat, Bulls, Celtics, Magic and Hawks this season. We should land a top 3 seed of the Eastern Conference with home court advantage during the 1st round.

Hopefully we sign Samuel Dalembert as our Center. Rumor has it, that he's #1 on our free agent radar (as of right now). Landing Dalembert would become huge for both our interior defense and rebounding ability. We've lacked both for some time now. As we all know, Amare has always been below average on the defensive side of the ball, but landing a true defensive center such as Dalembert would take alot of low post pressure off of Amare himself.

Also, not trying to get ahead of myself here, but to all the people who've doubted NY's game plan to land a Big 3 of Amare, Carmelo and another max contract such as Howard or CP3; There's good news! The Knicks are projected to have the MOST cap room in 2012 of any team, and right around 20 mil! Combine that with what is most certainly going to be a lower max contract and we will have room to sign a max and possibly a solid role player.

This will undoubtedly lead to a mid season trade for either CP3 or D12 as the Magic and NO won't want to lose their stars for nothing. Give us Dwight Howard, the most dominating Center in the game today, and I'll be on cloud 9.

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