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Official Hire ROB RYAN Thread


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Since Parcells retired it there has been a pattern to how the Jets choose coaches.

It goes Parcells "coaching tree" guy (Groh) to "COMPLETE BAT sh*t PSYCHO GUY" (Herman Edwards) to Parcells "coaching tree guy" (Mangini) to COMPLETE BAT sh*t PSYCHO GUY (Rex Ryan).......

using that math, we have a Tuna Disciple coming on board next i guess.......Tom Coughlin????

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The last time the Jets made the AFC Championship game, was back in 1998; under Bill Parcells.

You all do not only know, but also understand, that Rex Ryan has led the Jets to consecutive AFC Championship games (for the first time in franchise history) during his first two years as head coach... Correct?

He's also done it with a rookie/2nd year quarterback under center in Mark Sanchez; which makes those AFC Championship apperances that much more impressive. How many coaches has ever led their respected teams to consecutive championship games with a rookie/2nd year quarterback under center?

Lets not forget the fact that we also had the leagues #1 defense in 2009, and also ranked as a top 5 defensive unit under Rex Ryan last season. When was the last time a Jets head coach, has led the Jets with consecutive seasons of top 5 D's?

The Jets have eliminated Palmer and the Bengals in Cincy, Rivers and the Chargers in SD, Manning and the Colts in Indy and last but not least; Brady, Bellichick and the Patriots in Foxboro come postseason play under Rex Ryan, but yet, some fans are already talking about a Rex Ryan replacement, when we're not even 11 games into 2011?

Too funny.

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