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A cheerleaders perspective....


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On the rest of the season:

Bollywood or bust. Let the kid get all the snaps he can to see if he can be a #2 in this league. Maybe he plays well enough to push Chad and Jay in the offseason.

Since Herm decided to publicly state getting Martin a 1,000 yards as a goal that goal needs to be met. Don't shame the franchise anymore by not reaching it. Afterwards Martin should see 12 carries a game tops. The lack of solid production is enough proof to justify Houston getting some carries.

Throw the DB's into the fire. Miller is already there, but keep him there when Barrett is healthy. Let Strait get legitimate amounts of playing time. Props on getting Washington time.

At the next possible chance have Nugent try a 50-55 yard FG. Why not?

On The Offseason:

Do what needs to be done to make sure Martin is not the starter. Whether cut, or greatly reduced cap hit, he's no longer worth that contract.

Terry B. should do his best George Bush impersonation and stay the course with the QB situation. Open competition at the QB position for every position on the depth chart. If Bolly can be good enough to be a #2 and Chad wins out for the job (or if Chad is well enough to be a backup), cut Jay. Of course if Chad doesnt restructure can we cut him? Any info on that out there?

Find a middle of the road DT. Anyone else wish we signed that Seahawks DT we brought in for a visit this offseason(Bernard?)

Goodbye Law. We thought you were going to seal the deal for our Super Bowl trip, and instead we sit near the bottom of the NFL. Valiant Effort. Draft a project at corner to be the dime back. Open competition for the top three corner spots between Barrett, Miller, Strait. If theres a relativly cheap starter at safety on the free agent market it bring him in for an open competition at the safety spots. Coleman seems to have been blowing coverages the last two games.

Buy Ben Graham an Outback Steakhouse franchise as part of a contract extension locking him up for 5 years.

Goodbye Herm. Hopefully Terry Goes with you. Ron W. are you out there? If not him someone with strongggggg scouting credentials. Let's get solid players out of the draft instead of special teams players. Coaching wise? Promote Donnie. Hopefully he lets Dinger do his thing, and we can get a stretch of continuity in coaching for at least the next 3 years. Hopefully by then our offense is clicking, and maybe Dinger leaves for a HC spot.

And no I wasn't completly sober when i wrote this.

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Fatcat...you haven't been here for a long time. Welcome Back.

Good thoughts on what needs to be done. You have obviously been paying attention from the sidelines.

The QB position is interesting though because I have no idea if Chad can be counted on at all for next season. I want to say NO.

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