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I do too, bro. I'm not ready to run him out of town. I just don't get how sporadic he is. Big time confidence issues. One minute he's threading impossible passes into the receiver, the next he looks like a lost puppy with Kellen Clemens happy feet.

It's for sure confidence issues. Mixed with an overall lack of talent on the team (Face it, our receivers can't get separation and our TE becomes a ghost after 3 catches) and a coaching staff that has no confidence in him. When the Jets showed confidence in Sanchez, he plays good. The Jets have some misconception that if Sanchez has a bad game that they have to limit him the next game, which is totally wrong.

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Let's get back on target here.

It's either DLJ's or Verde's breasts in this thread, or I'll shave my chest and start singing What's Up Pussycat by Tom Jones in German.

any successful LNC has a women participant that we can try and coax boob shots out of.. it's pretty much mandatory

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Can we please not turn this into a Sanchez or Schotty sucks thread?


Seeee the thing about Saaaanchez is that in LEEEEEWIN says he was not going to be good or something, but also thathe'swonalotofgaaaaames. Who will win that battle? Will Brad Pitt star in the movie?

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