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Major Flaw In The Poster Profiling System

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Be better if it goes all Skynet, and proceeds to send Terminator models based on Max to try and wipe out posters.

At 8:51AM 7/12/11 EST JN became self aware. At 8:52AM 7/12/11 EST Metlife Stadium and Florham Park were destroyed.

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Translation: GOB went on a drunken banning spree and eliminated everybody whose views he disliked. When he got down to the final two posters--Bob and PS Jets--he'd realized that maybe he got a little carried away.

You got that right. This whole thing is his fault.

He is angry at the world for none of its inhabitants liking him. Surely you can sympathize.

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I do not believe that this is the real Guns.. if it was the first post would be posted in bold red font.

beware all.. we have an imposter.



I hear if you post about C*ndy C*rn, you automatically get banned.

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