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FA Going to be big this season


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to veer this topic back on track

i'd support Desean Jackson in g/w

sure he's a punk but he's a playmaker and the jets seem to have a track record for these guys (Cro, Holmes). Desean would fit right in with the reprobates already in rex's locker room.

I don't think he deserves big money obviously but if he's sitting on the market, and there's no buyers, they need a deep threat and they need a punt returner.

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This is why we can't have nice things.

Or, new posters.

EY -- can you do me a favor and stop attacking every new poster. We get that you are smarter than everyone. So please just ignore anything that doesn't meet your standards. Just getting tired of seeing you call out new posters.

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There are some big name FA's this year provided they get that far. LaRon Landry and Michael Griffen at Safety, Mario Williams at Linebacker (BTW Houston cannot afford to stick him with the Franchise Tag), Matt Forte at Running Back, VIncent Jackson, Marques Colston, Stevie Johnson and DeSean Jackson at Wide Receiver, just to name a few.

The Jets won't be in the market for him but there is no way I would want them to touch DeSean Jackson.

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Thats a good point but, we could tell them that we gaurantee a Super Bowl if there on our team

Man that puts us at what now 12 or 14 super bowls that Rex has won...Jeeze...hope they build a bigger case to house the trophies...man oh man..only a few away from the NY Yankees WS Championships...

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Actually, I think that would be a really bad scenario for us. Four total picks, two of them demanding huge salaries. There goes the roster. The rest of our team would have to me made up of UDFAs and one-year deal guys.

Team only has a 2-3 major needs where a new starter type move has to be made.

- The safety spot across from Leonhard, who they'll probably use in a platoon type role with Smith next year after resigning him on the cheap. Maybe they pursue Landry/Griffin. Maybe they pick a safety in the first next year. Either way a talent needs to go there, and maybe sprinkle in some depth by grabbing a mid-late DB in the draft.

- Thomas' OLB spot. Pace can have that role, and possibly/probably do it better. Time to get some new blood into the starting LB group and his injury opened the door for him to be the guy. The possible FAs that probably won't end up FAs anyway are Spencer from the Cowboys, Avril on the Lions, and Williams on the Texans. Spencer is the most possible, but he's also the most meh. I'm a big Vinny Curry fan in the draft, and I do think the draft is the most likely route with this spot.

- Hunter's T spot. This probably was going to go to Turner anyway, but not they both are kind of in limbo, and Hunter is almost definitely gone. They need to bring in a starting quality OL, possibly a FA. Maybe an older guy like McKenzie, or maybe they go young with Levi Brown or Demetrius Bell...I wouldn't draft one in the first but the second (even with a tradeup) is fine. I expect some growth in Ducasse so I think he can take the primary backup OL job from Turner, and then they can just get a decent second backup somewhere. Hell, I might let Ducasse battle with Slauson for the LG job again, just so Slauson doesn't feel all that comfortable yet.

After that there's not a whole lot to worry about...The three main CBs are young and really good...the three non-Thomas LBs are fine players...the DL's pretty good right now, though I always think you can upgrade the DL....If they bring in a starting caliber OLB then the ILB/OLB depth isn't so crappy because that knocks Westerman into that role, which is pretty gd convenient...unless that dream Manning trade happens there's going to be Sanchez...there's no need to really spent on a RB talent unless somehow Trent Richardson fell that far, and even then only feign it so you can be bought out of it by an idiot...look at me the crafty GM...what else...Leonhard/Smith can probably combine into a pretty damn competent starting S to go with new guy....maybe even Pool is involved somehow...they probably need a #2 TE unless they really, really do like that Cumberland kid...I'd go after the Seahawk's Carlson....or if the price is right on restricted FA Bear Pascoe...Bear Pascoe it is....WR...bring Plaxico back...take a look at Early Doucet, a possible star slot WR in the making IMO....yeah all in all it's not such a huge overhaul type thing...

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