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Game Thread: New York Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles


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Congrats Holmes... you're now down to -10 (or worse) in net points.

And he erases that with a moronic penalty. That play could not be a better example of what Holmes is as a player. What a ******* moronic loser.

Explitive explitive Holmes is a explitive who can explitive his explitive that mother explitive explitive Braylon Edwards explitive explitive explitive.

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Ok, so let's just recap Holmes game:

Good offensive drive turns into a fumble returned for a TD (-7 to -14 points)

Great field position on ST turnover turns into a INT deflected off of his hands, subsequent drive is a TD (-10 to -14 points)

TD caught followed by a moronic penalty, gives the Jets bad field position on kickoff and Eagles start at the 35. ( ?? to +7 points)

Man, that guy is good.

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