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****The official Jets VS Giants game Thread****™


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The Giants are about to put this game away because we have no offense-it amazes me to see a Jets offense this inept-you would think that by Christmas that we would actually look like we know what we are doing out there-it has never gotten any better-not one iota has it-we do not have a play to get a first down when it's 3rd and 11+ yards-hasn't happened all year-7 points guys SEVEN!!!!

Week after week this offense looks like they met in the parking lot this morning for the very first time.
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can just once a receiver or a te or a rb CATCH THE danmn ball? lol how many ints have been off someone's face?

Almost all of those are on throws they need to jump, go low, run back or dive for. He never throws on target. Whatever I'm not arguing this our entire offense is dogsh*t

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