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****The official Jets VS Giants game Thread****™


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I hate this team, I hate the players, I hate the coaches and most of all I hate Rex. I can't wait to see what bullsh*t comes out of that fat ****s mouth during his press conference.

Let's put it this way; if the Ryan is going to be the coach he either needs a serious philosophical adjustment, he needs to lose 200 pounds of OC and he needs his GM to fix this roster.
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Woody loves Rex so he isn't going anywhere.

7 Pts against this team is embarassing. Our QB is awful. Our OC is the worst in the league.

The defense is middle of the league. The 1st we played a lot of week offensive teams. This year playing more offensive teams I think it is showing we are middle of the pack. I do think the 49 Pts the opponents had from pick 6s and fumble recoveries didn't help.

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Why have we even attempted to throw the ball once in the second half?! The run has been killing the Giants the entire game and they only time they ever stop us is when Schotty decides to try throwing the damn ball. WHAT THE **** ARE YOU THINKING?! This entire coaching staff is idiotic and if Rex refuses to get involved with the offense or thinks this is in anyway an acceptable offense he needs to be fired as well. He is a DC he is not a head coach.

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