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Watching The Playoffs Will Be Good For The Players, Coaches and Entire Organization

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Watching The Playoffs Will Be Good For The Players, Coaches and Entire Organization

The last two years this team has played hard-nosed football thru the Wild-Card chase within the season - an emotional roller-coaster - all the way thru the playoffs as a road team - on their way to two consecutive AFC Championships.

With a Rookie QB. Each Game seemingly a Barnburner, sometimes against first balllot HOF QBs.

The first year, they lost to the Peyton-led Colts. Last year, we avenged that loss, avenged a decade-long performance vs the Pats and beat them. But lost to another HOF caliber QB in Big Ben and the Steelers all-time D.

This team is tired. A bit lost. And in need of perspective.

The run they have been on has been epic.


AND that record will be maintained, barring a miracle. The Jets don't need that gift.

I am being honest. The success of the past 2 and 5/8 years has masked the flaws and made the coach try to compensate with theatrics.

What BS. Props to REX, but this Coach should not have to compensate for the team using theatrics. Finally, the bottom has fallen thru.

I'm telling you. Missing the playoffs will be good for this team. For Mark Sanchez - who has never had an offseason without the stress of playoffs getting into January. For Shonn Greene, LT, The Defense including Pouha, Devito, and the rookies - Ellis, Wilkerson, etc.

The FO needs to strategically assess the talent. Top 3 Needs:

#1: #1 WR Talent on the Outside: A 6'2"+ 210 lb 4.45+ player that can get off the line and get downfield. Sanchez has been known as a player that can throw the ball downfield. All you have to do is look at his history with Edwards. This, more than anything, will get this team to dominance.

#2: A dominant, athletic safety - or MLB - that can cover a TE and the middle of the field, and not miss tackles.

#3: OL Depth: RT.

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