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Woo. Go Jets. Please, just end the season by maintaining a shred of dignity. This hapless, loser franchise needs an enema. Please God, give Bill Parcells a billion dollars so he can buy the team already. Enough of these clowns.

Woo. Go Jets.

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Yeah, cuz Schotty is a solid O.C. STFU dude.

Career worst third interception? Who's ******* career are they talking about???

KeysToTheGameBot Says:



Run the ball bzzzzt stop the run bzzzzt

Smashmouth! Bzzzzt Shonn bzzzzzzzzt Gr Gr Gr bzzzzteeeeeeeeeeene

Physical bzzzzt

Win the bzzzzt TURN bzzzzt turnover battbzzzzt battle

ticktickticktick brrrrrrrrrrrrr heat on the bzzzzzt

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friends don't let friends post drunk

Another example of why someone needs to step up and start the game thread.

Now Tom knocks the Jets out of the playoffs with his bad karma.

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Jets throw it 60 times. Mark throws three picks and after the third Rex punches sh*tty in the face on the sidelines.

that actually could happen

buddy got fired with a winning record, and rex has brought that up before

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