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Shotty's System or Sanchez's play...?

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Look at the time Sanchez has on some of these throws.

look at brady, brees, and rodgers when they have time. im not comparing sanchez to either of them but when he does have time, he's pretty accurate. look how many sacks we gave up, most in the league.. not to mention how many drops we had. all im saying is if he has a bit more time then what he had this season, he's not a total scrub.

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Maybe send him back to USC? Where the receivers are always open and the line protects you forever and I think there's a unicorn...

I love absolutes, they always make so much sense. All one way or all the other is pretty much sports radio garbage - it's not reality. Being "controversial" is not talking football, it's taking the e

I agree with Warfish, it is never just a single player or coach (especially in football). The facts are this: 1. Sanchez regressed in his ability to protect the football. This is true both in te

When 4 yd slants are thrown accurately, they can easily turn into 8+ yd gains.

Then something is wrong with the route design as Schottenheimer interprets it. His don't have the little dashes I bet.

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News Report-- ESPN is reporting that Sanchez was on crack all season and was forcing it on Santonio Holmes and Plaxico, too. ******* Mexican pos. He said he's spending the entire offseason in Cancun to spend some of his guaranteed money and then LA to lock down a few more ad campaigns and a couple movie parts and he's posing for Playgirl. He said the Jets could **** off, he got paid. Damn.

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5 years ago Chad Pennigton was run out of town. Now Sanchez, showing the same inconsistency and no ability to throw down field is being run out town. The funny thing is the one constant in this is the OC, Shotty. Weird huh?

If you look at Sanchez's number they are not bad. Take away the turnovers and everyone would have said he is progressing nicely. The result of a sh*tty offensive line are the turn overs. He was throwing like he was scared and he was getting teed up causing fumbles.

Give him another year with a new OC and a revamped O line and see what happens. If he sux then he can be blamed.

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