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Derrick Mason Interview


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janesportsJane McManus

Mason said people love it when you talk tough and back it up. "Either you start winning games or shut up." Adds that he loved Ryan. #Jets

28 minutes ago

janesportsJane McManus

"We were not playing the way we were capable of playing," Derrick Mason said of Jets early in season. #NFL

30 minutes ago

janesportsJane McManus

Mason: Team dynamic wasn't as bad when Mason left, he said you could see tempers start to heat up later. #Jets

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AdamScheinAdam Schein

Mason on Schotty: "If he stays, they have to work things out. But I think he will be very successful if he leaves."

3 minutes ago


AdamScheinAdam Schein

Mason: "I can't speak for Plax or Santonio but I never complained to Rex or Mike Tannenbaum about Brian Schottenheimer."

5 minutes ago


AdamScheinAdam Schein

Mason: "If you aren't vocal as a leader, you have do to it in another form. Guys didn't listen to Mark because his play was up and down"

12 minutes ago


AdamScheinAdam Schein

Mason: "You want your quarterback to be the leader, but if it isn't in him, you can't force it. Mark has to establish himself as the leader"

14 minutes ago


AdamScheinAdam Schein

Mason: "If I was the problem, then they would've been OK after I left. I was the scapegoat." #JETS

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Mason: Leaders needed to step up

January, 6, 2012

By Rich Cimini

Former Jets WR Derrick Mason was around for the first chapter of the team's turmoil-plagued season -- some will say he contributed to it -- and he sensed that "things started to heat up" in the locker room in October. Mason also suggested that the Jets' leaders didn't do enough to prevent the dissension from taking over.

Mason, a guest Friday on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" on ESPN New York 1050, was discussing QB Greg McElroy's comments when he shifted into the big picture. He said McElroy probably offended the so-called "selfish" players. As for the others, Mason said, "You are going to say, 'Yeah, the guy is right.' Somebody needed to stand up and say it, and I just don’t think the Jets had enough of that during the year.

Listen to the complete interview:


"The offensive linemen stood up and they spoke to the team, Mark (Sanchez) did it as well, but some of the other guys, the older veterans, they needed to step up and try to right that ship and I don’t think it happened on a consistent basis. Sometimes it's hard when you're losing because everybody is trying to figure things out and everybody is pissed."

Mind you, Mason lasted only five games before the front office decided it didn't want him around. They traded him to the Texans for what amounted to a bucket of Gatorade. The Texans loved him so much they cut him before the end of the season.

Mason was dumped by the Jets when they were on a three-game losing streak.

"It wasn’t as bad when I left," he said of the chemistry. "Things started to, you could see things started to heat up, the temperature started to rise a little bit because ... when you're losing everybody wants to start to chime in and point the finger and say what's wrong and what’s not wrong

"This was a team that a lot of people picked, after going to the AFC Championship two years in a row, a lot of people picked to go to the Super Bowl, and they just weren't playing -- we were not playing, because I was part of that team -- we were not playing the way we were capable of playing, and a lot of guys were frustrated."

Mason said he liked playing for Rex Ryan, but he could see how people might tire of his bravado.

"People, deep down, love that because he was able to back it up," he said. "Now if you can’t go out there and do all these things that you say, then people get tired of it. Either you start winning games or you shut up, basically that’s how it was. But I love Coach Rex, he’s a good guy, I think he’s a good coach. His thing, I guess, is like what Frank Sinatra(sang): He’s going to do it his way. And that’s the way he’s been doing it. Win or lose, he’s going to continue to talk, that’s his personality. I just think this year they just didn’t back up. Once you start it, you can’t stop it."

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Discarded WR Mason questions Jets QB


Last Updated: 1:47 AM, January 7, 2012

Posted: 1:47 AM, January 7, 2012

Before Santonio Holmes became known as the biggest problem in the Jets locker room, Derrick Mason wore that title.

The former Jets receiver broke his silence yesterday about the team trading him on Oct. 11 in a conversation with The Post and in several radio interviews. Mason said after he made critical comments about the team following a loss to the Ravens on Oct. 2, management made him a “scapegoat.”

Mason was benched the following week in New England, and then traded two days after a loss to the Texans.

“I felt that after that I became the scapegoat,” he said. “I was fine with it. I understand how this process is and the inner workings of the NFL. If they want to get a guy out, they’ll find a way to get him out.”



IN HAPPIER TIMES: Derrick Mason (left) and Mark Sanchez worked together in training camp, but Mason says Sanchez “needs to play much better than he has been playing” if the Jets want to win the Super Bowl.

After a 34-17 loss in Baltimore, Mason talked about there being “cracks” on the team and how someone needed to step up and fix them. A few days later, coach Rex Ryan and general manager Mike Tannenbaum met with Mason and talked about his comments in a “roundabout” way, he said. They informed him rookie Jeremy Kerley was going to play slot receiver that week against the Patriots over him.

Mason was in six plays against New England.

“[Ryan] came to me in the beginning of the week and said, ‘This is how it’s going to be,’ ” said Mason, who declined interview requests during the season. “As much as I didn’t agree with it, I was like, ‘OK, I understand.’ I did exactly what they asked me to do. They asked me to play two plays. I played two plays. I went about my business.”

During an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Mason said the Jets won’t win a Super Bowl if quarterback Mark Sanchez does not play better.

“If he can’t play better than he did last year, it’s going to be hard for them to do it,” Mason said. “He needs to play much better than he has been playing. ... Judging by the way he’s played the last three seasons that window is closing on him to be that franchise quarterback and it’s closing very quickly.”

Later, when speaking to The Post, Mason said Sanchez’s biggest problem was his inconsistency.

“I thought he was a good quarterback,” Mason said. “Was he up and down? Yes, in this league, especially when you’re ordained the franchise quarterback. They drafted you in the first round, in the top 10 — you are the franchise quarterback. You can’t have up-and-down games every week. Some weeks Sanchez would play great and some weeks you would wonder what is going on.”

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