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Boomer & Carton


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Here's a friendly heads up.....

- Keep this discussion away from the "direct" issue of God, personal belief in god, or anything likewise.

- In other words, talk about those idiots and poking fun at Christianity and how ridiculous you might feel it is, but avoid getting into a discussion over Christianity vs. Atheism, God vs. No God, Cause of wars, etc.

The minute this thread moves away from Boomer and Carton being douchebags and moves into an argument over religion, belief in god, etc, it's going to get closed.

I wonder how much Boomer would enjoy people talking about Gunnar and CF in a comedic manner???

**** you and your rules for everybody else, pig.

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I can't recall ever coming across a single person who enjoyed that garbage show. You'd have to be a semi-retarded frat boy to find any of the humor amusing and the sports content is almost non-existent.

I genuinely really like listening to Boomer and I don't mind small doses of Carton. Mike and Mike it's actually worse for me, Mike Golic is just about unlistenable after a half hour. He's like the Todd Christiansen of radio sports talk. It's like, dude, we all get it, you played in the NFL with Reggie White, get over yourself. I don't know why but Golic annoys the sh*t out of me. Now...Boomer and Mike Greenberg would actually be a pretty good show imo.

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That's what i do not like about all religions. It breeds US vs THEM mentality and divides people along religious lines!

At the end of the day religion leads people to believe in a fantasy and results in people responding irrationally and at times violently with deadly consequences.

I have never heard this show. And I am not sure what was the context of what Boomer and Carton said. But my respect for them went up a notch if they were correctly ridiculing the religious delusional bunch!

Hey -- I like you a lot as a poster. And this is why we don't have a politics forum because here we are just Jets fans. That said I could not disagree more with your post.

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