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Some kind of troll or spam, or a five year old!

Yes, thank you for pointing out. This is a link spammer from India. They are paid money to put links to other sites, they want them to stay so they try to make them look natural. The English language gets in the way though, lol.

I wish they would just offer me the money for the links. I would post those bad boys all day long!

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Hi Spokesman I said about NFL. I enjoy NFL 2011 much more. Please everyone post in this thread about 2011 NFL. Anything.......

Me too like 2011 NFL. It much good! You good too. Not like garciaman who rob stagecoach. I help sheriff track him halfway across pecos. but first I lead them thru stampede of 1milliion buffalos. Sometimes tonto like to get jollies too.

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