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Manish Mehta: doing his job, or troublemaker?

nj meadowlands

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Personally I think this a-hole should stop turning over rocks, before we cast him off in the Cimini/Canizzaro pile.

Are you kidding?! Dude hit GOLD!!! Every sports talk radio show and sports TV show has been running with this for 2 days - IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAYOFFS!!!! This is the freaking Holy Grail!!! If you're looking for Homer journalists in the locker room, you need to go to small market teams like New Orleans.

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Anonymous sources are a big part of journalism. He did his job.

It's not his fault these cowards calling out their own teammate have no marbles.

Yeah, I dunno. This one time I thought I mathematically figured out a formula for world peace. I was so close. People suck, sh*t happens, we're all crooks, really.

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My only problem was that he wasn't clear about how many sources he was using, and how many and which were saying what.

The way some people are representing it here on JN makes it seem like every quote is a different person, and every person quoted agrees with every other quote.

Not like there was 1 quote questioning his work ethic, one quote saying he isn't improving, two quotes excusing his poor performance because off pass protection and the situations he was put in, two quotes saying he was mentally overwhelmed, two quotes saying the team babies him, and two quotes saying they'd prefer Peyton.

I mean, those quotes say different things. And for all we know, he could have gotten multiple quotes from a significantly smaller number of people. I'm guessing there was a fair consensus that the team would be better with Manning, which is obvious. That doesn't mean those same people have all given up on Sanchez, or question his work ethic, ability, or mental toughness. The person who is quotes on one thing may not agree with the person who is quoted on another thing. We don't really know.

If all the people quoted disagree among and about those quotes, then it has a much less powerful message; so I can see why the people on one side of the argument want to group them all together and make them seem like one solidified group; but it seems a little disingenuous to me.

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Troublemaker? He's not making fart noises at press conferences.

I think the story is dramatic and misleading but he didn't compromise his journalistic integrity.

I think it's been great.. I've laughed a lot at the sight of grown men crying in throngs the past 24 hours. Keep it up Manny!

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Excellent points, Sharrow and JVOR.

Mehta was doing his job and he's not a Jets PR person. If he has to cause trouble, so be it. But like Sharrow said, his use of annonymous sources did not give an accurate accounting of how many people spoke.

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