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The Avengers Mafia Game Thread- Villians United!

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The year is 2012. All 3 of SHIELDS maximum security detention centers have been hacked and villians have been set free. In this time of turmoil earth's mightiest heroes have assembled into a team that no single villian can match, they call themselves, THE AVENGERS. With so many villians on the loose they have sworn to put them back where they belong, behind bars and away from society.

But some of you have figured out that perhaps not any one of you can stop the avengers, but perhaps a team of you can. Baron Zemo visits those villians he sees most fit for his team. The purpose of this team? The destruction of the Avengers and they will not stop at any costs.

This time around, the good guys are the bad guys, they are the hunted.

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Blah blah blah blah,, where are the bananas? poop poop poop poop

saw that coming.. I leave with pride knowing I pissed all over the scum team.

Opening scene was just for flavor so me mentioning Zemo has no impact on the mechanics of the game.

1. Lily

2. J80

3. Nolder

4. JC

5. Lilly's lover- Crusher


7. Lovely leelou

8. Apetard

9. Straight cash ghey

10 Hess.

11. AVM

12. Verbal

13. CTM

14. JiF

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ewwww. That is not an accomplishment. Closer to a 50th birthday party I would guess. *contemplates self worth and time management*

don't worry

I've got nearly 80k posts spread out across 2-3 forums

you'll get there eventually

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