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Welker is going to be a FA.

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Eben Britton OT, injury plagued but still a punishing blocker tha thte Jets desperately need right now. Jaguars aren't going to pay him what he wants considering he's been injured the past year. Could be a bargain $$$ wise, and grew up in Brooklyn so maybe the idea of playing in his home town again could be appealing to him.

Oh great, then when he gets hurt all of JN will be saying: What a bum that Tanny is, how come he signs an injury prone OT, what was he thinking, bring back Hunter, get Woody out of retirement, stupid accountant can't evaluate talent, stick to contracts, etc., etc.

If he doesn't get hurt and works out: Man what a great find by Rex, What a great job by Sparano coaching this guy up, Mangini had a hand in this decision, etc. etc.

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