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Pat Hanlon - What is this guys problem????

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Yeah sorry for not clarifying better.

Hanlon is a complete buffoon. He is literally a monosyllabic moron who is a living, breathing, gag reel.

You're right though, if there is ONE person who has no room to talk..it's him.

As someone else mentioned, he was actually cursing out Giants fans in the pre-season on twitter and message boards....lol

And what's actually his role? Is he in fact a PR guy?

Hard to knock him, as Tom Shane said not much gets out of that locker room. But he doesn't exactly lead by example.

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And what's actually his role? Is he in fact a PR guy?

Supposedly he is. I know it's ironic..

My opinion is that in reality he is the mentally challenged kid in high school who they make the water boy and convince him that he's the 3rd string QB to make him feel good.

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I think you're exaggerating a bit, and being kind of biased. If we had a loudmouth coach that bashed your team non stop for 3 years, proclaiming ourselves the real "kings of New York" without proving anything, and then YOU won the Super Bowl (after an essential playoff game with the other team), you don't think your players or fans would be doing that same thing?

To say that Giants players are "constantly" comparing themselves to the Jets at every turn is simply not true. A few SELECT people made a few comments in response to questions they were asked by the media, is more like what really happened.

I personally think it's stupid, but Rex alone has said more himself in the past 3 years than the entire Giants organization has combined.

As pointed out before, Rex re-ignited the entire feud, which up until 3 years ago was pretty much a pre-season bragging rights feud.

(either way I always pray for a Jets/Giants super bowl every year)

I know Rex's mouth certainly has a good bit to do with it, but it's hardly a one-way street. It seems like Jacobs can't go 3 sentences without mentioning the Jets and Tuck clearly has a serious complex when it comes to the Jets, which has been apparent for a few years now. I guess the difference for me is two fold, despite Rex's big mouth, he typically just mentions the Giants during the offseason / preseason and then this season when their game was coming up. Meanwhile it seems during the season every couple of weeks I'm once again reading some Giants player talking about the Jets again. And the other part is, while it obviously varies from person to person, there just seems to be a large contingent of Giants fans who seem as obsessed with the Jets failures as they are with the Giants successes. I'm sorry, but if the Jets just picked up a playoff win moments ago, the last thing in the world I'm going to think about is how the 4th string WR who just caught a TD catch for another team in another playoff game was a former Giants' player. And yet, I watched this exact scenario unfold an hour after the Giants picked up in a win in their Wild Card game and Cotchery caught a TD for the Steelers.

The bottom line is despite the fact that some Giants' players were talking plenty about the Jets at the time, I could give less of a crap about them or their team during the 2009 or 2010 playoffs and yet the Giants (who have a far more successful team history) and their fans can't even stop thinking about the Jets when it comes to the Super Bowl.

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Yeah I have no problem with it either. But tbh it sort of doesn't really compute for me. Giants are a classy organization, I agree. Yet they allow, of all people, their VP of Communications to be the one running around acting childish. It's just incredibly immature and really only makes Hanlon himself look bad. One thing for the players to be saying it, to me that's more fair game. But a FO guy. If I were a Giants fan I would personally be like, stfu dude and stop making the organization look bad. Jmo and I really mean that with zero bitterness. I'm actually still happy the Giants won.

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