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Only 1 More Day to Join Secret Santa


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Sign up for JetNation's Secret Santa will end @ 10pm on Sunday Dec 4th. In the mean time and In between time...Ill send brenda her person ASAP .

So For everybody who signed up. Please Pm me your Shipping info. I will give out the proper info to the proper people.

Feel free to add your size if you would like!!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!!

(Bold) -Recieved Info

1. Guns

2. Smizzy

3. Max

4. Greengal <------Need Shipping Info

5. Brenjetsfan

6. JonESanta <------Need Shipping Info

7. BZ

8. Faba

9. Slugorama <------Need Shipping Info

10. Garb <------Need Shipping Info

11. rsherryjr (M)

12. 4Hcrew

13. JetFan712

14. Jets28

15. LockeJET

16. StillerPaul <------Need Shipping Info

17. VanDoug <------Need Shipping Info

18. Newjetster

19. Thor99


21. BaumerJet

22. NorthCoastJetsFan

23. The Real 80<------Need Shipping Info

24.Gang Green Girl<------Need Shipping Info

25. FredJetsone

26. LatinLawyer

27. AirForceJetFan <------Need Shipping Info

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