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Matt Flynn


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Lets just say Peyton Manning ends up a Dolphin.

That leaves Washington and Cleveland truly needing a quarterback.

50/50 shot for both teams to land RG3.

If Washington trades up to #2 and lands RG3 that leaves Cleveland.

Cleveland already said they're not interested in any big free agents.

If this is true, that really leaves no teams in desperate need of a starting quarterback for Flynn.

We're clearly looking to upgrade our qb position so why not show Flynn serious interest? We can offer him the median of starting and backup qb money since he really will have no market.

On top of that, trade MS for a 2nd/3rd if we're lucky.

Cliffs: Flynn + 2nd/3rd for Mark Sanchez. (Upgrade qb position plus a high draft pick)

Whoever would not take seek mental help.

What are your thoughts?

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