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NFL Rule Changes for 2012

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The 2012 Season has a few new rules:

Overtime will no longer be sudden death, unless the team who wins the coin toss scores a touchdown.

All turnovers will be reviewed

Adding a loss of down to the penalty for kicking a loose ball, as is the case in college football.

Adopting the college rule for too many men on the field, which is a dead-ball foul if a team lines up on offense for more than three seconds, or if a team on defense lines up with too many men and the snap is imminent. In those cases, the officials will blow the play dead and assess a five-yard penalty. This change wouldn’t affect the rulings on players running off the field who don’t get off in time.

Hate the OT rules. But its here. Oh well.

If we're going to automatically review scoring plays and turnovers, why not just f#cking automatically review every god damn play. and let some guy in toronto make the call since the NHL seems to be doing a pretty good job with reviews. NFL needs to tell the refs to go f#ck themselves and let someone objectively review a call.

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