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Kentucky vs. Kansas championship


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I could not care less. If hockey, baseball and tennis players, or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs can leave college early, basketball and football players are no more special. But the one and done phenomenon is bad for business in the eyes of the NCAA and the networks. There are gonna be changes. Calipari is probably no better nor worse, simply more open. But when people are paying $18,740 tuiition per year at Kentucky(before room and board) the idea that they are going to pay players is ridiculous when they get a free education and room and board. Very few of these guys are playing in the NBA long-term. If they aren't sharp enough to get an education that's on them.

Also the idea the Knicks would hire Calipari in favor of Mike Woodson is embarrassing. Unless Calipari can recruit Kobe Bryant and half the Heat with supermodel whores and piles of cash he would be a worse NBA coach, and the difference would be staggering. I've seen nothing about Calipari ever that bespeaks coaching genius, though he can recruit.That talent is of no value in the NBA. Steve Serby reaches a new low.

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