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Ranked Players by Round, and Tier


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What's up fellow fans

I've been working on my rankings for the 2012 draft, and signed up for this site just to get some input and other opinions of players.

I will say this, there is a lot of talent at needed positions in the draft- I feel like impact players can be had well into the middle rounds.

Anyway, here is how I've ranked some players. I put the pick value I would like in round 1 to display value in case of a trade. I don't want to trade up for anyone, but I do feel that if we traded back, there will be a top tier player at a position of need anywhere between 20-28. I've seen plenty of message boards, and the discussions seem to be limited to a handfull of players being selected. I feel like looking at the players in this format will encourage more discussion, and is more big picture than just discussing weather Courtney Upshaw is worth the 16th pick.

My basic view on this years draft is if one of the Tier one Players is not available- we trade back. My idea of tier one players may be different than some.

Lets talk!

Please see the attached file for rankings. Apparently I can't format this correctly.


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