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On Virginia Tech anniversary, Granderson remembers a fan

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Brian Bluhm was a lot like you.

He loved baseball. He loved talking about baseball. He followed his favorite team and his favorite players, and if there was a chat on the internet, he took part.

He was a Tiger fan, and he was a Curtis Granderson fan. Five years ago, when Bluhm was one of the victims in the Virginia Tech shooting, Granderson was still the Tigerscenter fielder.

In the hours after the shooting, I heard Bluhm's story from other Tiger fans who knew him through chats and posts on the web. I covered the Tigers then for Booth Newspapers, and I remembered Brian from the intelligent questions he would ask.

Granderson heard about him, too.

Like me, and like so many of Brian's Tiger friends from the internet, Granderson never met Bluhm in person. Like me, and like so many others, he remembered Bluhm through emails.

In the years since, Granderson has met Bluhm's family, and has worked to keep Bluhm's memory alive.

Monday morning, on the fifth anniversary of the shooting, Granderson posted Bluhm's picture on his Twitter account.He announced that he'll remember Bluhm with a special pair of cleats and a wristband that he'll wear in Monday night's game against the Twins.

It's easy to think that players don't notice their fans, or that they don't care.

Granderson notices. He does care.

It's too bad that Brian Bluhm isn't still here to see it.

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