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Sanchez says Tebow is a great competetor in the weight room...LOL


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This is the sort of bullsh!t programming you can expect from a 24-hour sports network. There isn't enough news to fill up all that time, so they have to make crap up.

Complete and total non-story.

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Just watched the video on my phone. Tell me how this was a shot again? Its the offseason. Tebow is a weight room hero. Mark said he's type of guy that is great for an offseason program. Isnt that a compliment?


And I like how the lady called Mark fragile. You can knock Mark for many things but he's tough little sob. He takes a beating and keeps coming back for more. He's no Tebow...but still.

I'm with you. They're looking to build a fire without kindling here. Mark cracks a joke about Tebow being a good offseason program...to me that's actually endearing. Was he a homophobe Schotty hater because he put a picture of a unicorn pissing a rainbow on Schotty's screensaver? Was he a Brunell hater and booger lover because he wiped snot on his backup quarterback? Does he disrespect Muslims and Jews because he likes to eat a pork-based hot-dogs on the sideline? Does he hate dermatologists because he chooses to keep his sexy moles? Is he turning his back on his Mexican heritage by speaking English in press conferences? America, I don't know when it happened, but at some point, you turned into a whiny, sissy, over-sensitive, tattle-telling pussy. that is all.

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Was away for a few days and just got back to watch this...I guess they had to fill their "Skip Bayliss is a huge douche" quota for the week.

MARK SANCHEZ IS SCARED OF TIM TEBOW! The "ringing endorsement" of Tebow by the Jets FO is acquiring him and expecting to fit him into their game plan? Isn't that what's expected of all acquired players? Add to their team and fit into the game plan?

This is such nonsense it hurts.

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