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you got knocked the f out


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the first one damn that guy was giving him a chance, but he really didnt hit him that hard, the dude was just drunk.

the second one, damn it looked like that old guy deserved it for getting in someones face but who knows what happened before the film, he didnt deserve all the hands in his pockets for sure

then the last one I have seen before and watched it again for ol times sake. Its hilarious. WTF is that kid doing, the big guy tried to give him a chance and even gave him like 3 pushes to back off...

all in all funny, thanks

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The first and third one is the reason the drinking age should be 35. I have two teen aged boys so what I thought was cool when I was younger now scares the hell outta me.

The second one? Just sad to me. Obviously that old dude was a little off in the head. No reason to sucker punch him. Just shove him to the side and move on. Mob mentality is one of cowardice.

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1. mouthy kids pushed, and pushed until he got what he asked for

2. old timer got cheap shotted, the punch came from the guy behind the dude he was confronting, still what kind of moron was the old guy picking fights with kids, or if nothing else taking the bait from the kids to get into an altercation to begin with. the pick-pocketing after the fact and all the hooting-hollering is what cowards do when the see a fight, i've noticed this has become the norm its always the mouthy ones doing chicken sh*t stuff like this

3. typical concern fight, drunk kid starts it, big kid ends it - lucky for the drunk that there's always chicks at concerts willing to ruin their good time helping them put their sh*t back together

long story short, fighting is for retards

i can't understand why anyone would think we descended from apes

lol. seriously

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