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Draft is OPEN!!!!!!!

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The only reason Gholston is mentioned with this guy is because Gholston would be mentioned with any of them. No one will let the Gholston thing go for a while...a while being next year after a ten sac

North Carolina pass rushers: Lawrence Taylor Julius Peppers Quinton Coples 'Nuff said.

Adam Shefter is so damn annoying with his leaking the picks before they're announced. just STFU


watch NFLN... mayock is better then kiper as far as draft

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Rob get's his Revis...

A dummy can play man..

St louis seemed to bungle this, they wanted blackmon, Jax didn't give up a lot to leap them, then they don't get a lot to move back 8 spots. Plus supposedly holmgrem was willing to offer more then the skins did for the #2..

Reminds me of what parcells did in 1998, although they made out a lot better then we did, getting next years #1

Dallas gave up next years #1 to move up 8 spots?

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Skins did for RG3

Yeah, thought he was referring to the Dallas trade...

Way the board was falling I'm more pissed than surprised.


There has been no surprises.

We should have our choice at Coples, Whitney or Jones.

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