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Jags waive CB Drew Coleman

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Decent player. Could do worse at CB4.

Edit: Left out obligatory video

Straight outta Locash!!

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Wouldn't be surprised if the Jets brought him back, at least for camp. Rex can never have enough CBs and the little guy managed to stick around here quite a while, so it would seem they liked him. The Jets were never going to pay him what the Jags did, but given they've already moved on from him, I doubt he'll be getting much more than vet minimum from anyone.

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He played in all 16 games last season. Knows the Rex system. I'd definitely consider signing him, especially after losing Cole to NE. CB depth.

Absolutely. I would LOVE to see him back. Solid depth as well as special teams play.

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absolutely not. he's almost worse than david barrett

Yes but Barrett was a starter, Coleman is a backup Nickelback who's a good blitzer, and a solid backup, a defo yes from me.

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