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Yankees should sign Nomar Garciaparra and Jeff Weaver


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I looked at the Free Agent list, and both these guys are there!

Weaver has great stuff, and the Yankees should give him another shot..

Garciappara may be expensive, but hes a lock for .300 25 100

Can he play CF?

If not Nomar, call the Reds and trade for Ken Griffey Jr.. The Yanks can give them that chinese pitcher in return for Griffey..

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I am not sure if the Weaver experiment in the Bronx will ever be successful. He reminds me of Kenny Rogers. Ed Whitson. And countless others.

Just can't hack it in NY, especially with teh Yankees.

Nomar is an intruging case. If healthy, he has the arm and the bat to support any OF position. I think he is athletic enough to adjust to the OF.

But the key is his health Can he stay healthy. It's now 2 years in a row where he has missed serious time due to injury.

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For the right price I take a gamble on Nomar in a heartbeat. Jeff Weaver is a perfect fit for the Pirates or Royals.
For Nomar, the right price is a 1 year contract, low base, lots of incentives, mostly based on games and ABs, or plate appearances. Add in an easy to reach option based on production, at a significantloy higher price.

Weaver is the type for a Pirate, Royal team, or any other non-pressure situation. Tigers, Brewers, Rangers also come to mind. If he was smart though, he would try to get on the Birds. With Mauzzonne there, maybe he can fix him up, have a good year, and parlay that into a 3-4 year deal at major bucks.

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Jeff Weaver? Sheesh what an idiot.

Anyways. I'd definetly like to see the Yankees look into Nomar. If he stays healthy, he brings a big time bat to the lineup and he should be at least better in CF then Bernie Williams.

How about a lineup of:









Posada (But I want to get rid of him, sign Ramon Hernandez)

Not a bad 1-2-3 combo to start off the lineup! 8)

Although I'd rather see Jeter in the 2 hole and we get a more typical leadoff hitter who maybe can play right field and move Sheffield to DH on and off.

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