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Christine's Executioner Mafia - Night 5


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The Rules

1. I am Mod Goddess. What I say goes.

2. Do not Quote anything I say in PMs. To do so will result in Modkill.

3. No talking off thread unless I have given you the QT. To do so will result in Modkill.

4. Day 1 has no deadline. Day cycles will be a maximum of 72 hours and Night cycles will be 48 hours.

5. Once a majority is reached, that is the end of voting. If no Majority is reached, Executioner will be given to a random player.

6. If a Night deadline is missed, then that action is forfeit.

7. There will be a full coroner report.

8. Bold all votes. The Executioner's action should also look like a vote.

8. I shall post a Vote Count at least every 20 posts. If my vote count is incorrect, you may politely poke. Check the Second Post of the Game for all pertinent Links and Information.

The Game Play

1. During the day, everyone selects someone to become the executioner. The executioner chooses who to kill. That person is the Day kill.

2. During the Night, on top of all other actions, everyone selects, VIA PM, someone to be the executioner. The person with the most votes becomes the executioner, and chooses someone to kill. This is all kept anonymous. That person is the Night kill.

3. There are still normal roles in this game, so do not treat this too different from normal mafia.

The Players

  1. JC
  2. Crusher
  3. CTM
  4. Vic
  5. EP
  6. Nolderp
  7. SMC

The Dead

Ape - Town w Neighbors

Leelou - Town w Neighbors

Tina - Town Vanilla

AVM - Mafia w Neighbors

Pac - Town Vanilla

Verbal - Town Vanilla

BG - Town w x2Night Vote

JiF - Mafia Symp

Migs - Mafia Godfather

JF80 - Town Role Cop

Hess - Town Vanilla

Wombat - Town Doc

Brett - Town Vanilla

Edited by Christine
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Day One:

CTM Named

End of Day

Optimus Primate - Town with Chatty Neighbors

Night One:

End of Night Death

Leelou - Town with Chatty Neighbors

Tinahel - Vanilla Town

Day Two:

Vic Named

End of Day

AVM - Mafia with Chatty Neighbors

Night Two:

End of Night Death

Pac2566 - Vanilla Town

Verbal - Vanilla Town

Bleedin Green - Town with Strong Night Vote

Day Three:

Vic Named

End of Day

JiF - Mafia Symp

Night Three:

End of Night Death

Migisi - Mafia Godfather

Day Four:

Nolder Named

End of Day http://forums.jetnation.com/topic/105102-christines-executioner-mafia-day-3-executioner-named/page__st__880#entry2053549

Jetsfan80 - Role Cop

Night Four:

End of Night Death http://forums.jetnation.com/topic/105102-christines-executioner-mafia-night-4/page__st__940#entry2053922

HessStation - Vanilla Town

WWWWombat - Doctor

Edited by Christine
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I give it about a day (not even in game time) before everyone is annoyed they can't kill off who they want. The JN Mafia personalities and this setup don't exactly seem like the perfect match.

On the other hand, the following typical Day 1 lynch targets are very happy:

2. Lord Ape

5. JiF

6. CTM

11. Nolderp

15. Pac

18. 80

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Vote Ape.

NOBODY has the track record for killing scum on D1 that I do. Sorry, the truth hurts like getting 30 skin tags removed from your ball sack.

I assume you mean when you're scum as well?

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I gave you lot the option of which game to play. It's your own fault.


Wasn't meant as a criticism, I think it's cool to get a different game type to mix things up, but this is a group that all like to be in control, so coming to an agreement on giving that control to someone else should be quite amusing if nothing else.

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You know we're going to end up seeing a whole lot of people voting for people who are pissing them off in the spur of the moment, forgetting how this whole thing goes.

What is the over/under on how many of BG's posts will be him telling us how this game is destined to go...

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What is the over/under on how many of BG's posts will be him telling us how this game is destined to go...

I'll go with under the number of posts the Ape makes sure to let us know how much he really knew everything that was going to happen all along, and what an intentionally disguised genius plan all of his idiotic posts were.

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