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auction online at this time it's about 90k with 2 days to go---

How much would Joe Namath's SBIII ring get? I say considering it's historical significance 10 mill--No kidding! NO Superbowl ring could be worth more. Get both of Eli's SB rings and ur lucky to get a duce and a pack of smokes.

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whats going on with Taylor that hes at this point ? I mean I know the guy had issues but is he that bad off financially ?

Cocaine addiction for probably over 35 years, banging under aged beaten prostitutes, losing any chance of making money as an entertainer and life ain't getting no cheaper. He will probably off himself within three years and donate his brain. The start of the football causes cocaine and underage hooker use case against the NFL.;

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Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl ring is being auctioned by his son

PUBLISHED 8 hours and 33 minutes ago

LAST UPDATED 7 hours and 55 minutes ago


Staff reportSporting News

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It turns out Lawrence Taylor’s son is apparently selling one of LT's Super Bowl rings—not Taylor himself—according to a report by FOX Sport’s Jay Glazer.

On Thursday, it was reported that Taylor was auctioning off his Super Bowl XXV ring. But Glazer tweeted Friday that Taylor had contacted him to say he wasn’t aware the ring was up for sale.

94973-330-0.jpgAn auction for one of Lawrence Taylor's Super Bowl rings ends Saturday. (AP Photo)

Glazer reported that Taylor had given his Super Bowl rings to his son.

Taylor’s XXV ring is being auctioned at SCP Auctions.com. As of Friday morning, the highest bid was $89,568, NFL.com reported. The estimated value of the ring is $75,000-$100,000.

The ring features two football-shaped diamonds on the face, surrounded by 17 smaller diamonds. The name "Taylor" is on the left shank above a Giants helmet and No. 56. The ring also includes a notarized letter of authenticity from Taylor.

The bidding on the ring ends Saturday.

Taylor has endured financial, legal and personal problems since retiring in 1994.

...there's more to this, obviously.

That being said, I would guess that Namath's ring is probably the most valuable of any NFL ring. 1-2 million easy. Hell, I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had the funds.


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and he was also the best NFL player ever...why try to dirty his name up?

I wish he was rushing the passer for us right now but that doesn't mean he's not a piece of sh*t as a humen being. I worked at the bar a quarter mile down the road from where he got arrested. He was best coke buds with the Dino the guy who owned the diner across the street and he is infact a coke vacuum.

Dino on a side note was the little sh*t in a jogging suit that cornered Taylor during Wrestelmania against Bam Bam Bigelow

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