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  1. 1. My choice for Post of the Week is:

    • The Troll The deadly combination of stupidity known as Herman Edwards and Dusty Baker is slowly draining
    • Jet Moses
    • Bugg
    • Can't Hackett
    • rsherryjr

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The contestants for this weeks "Post of the Week" are:

The Troll:

I'm trying to get excited, but I just can't. We could sign Jesus of Nazareth to play short and Dusty would still trot out Neifi Perez and Jose Macias every day.

The deadly combination of stupidity known as Herman Edwards and Dusty Baker is slowly draining the life out of me.

Jet Moses:

Goodwin was peniciled in as the backup center, but I know he can't play the position. Why? Because I'm the one coaching him. Why was he second on the depth chart? Oh, I never thought Mawae would ever get hurt. When he did, I paniced. Same thing with Bollinger. Never thought he'd actually have to play. Just kept him on the roster as sort of a quid pro quo with Terry, you know hey, obviously you cant fire me so I'll try to make you look good and keep all your draft picks on the roster.


1. The Houston Texans

2. Cedric Houston-he's not allowed to get presnts unless and until Martin tells Edwards it's okay, since Martin, A WARRIOR!, must get all the presents.

3. The printers of the NFL record book that Martin s despearaly wants to get in.

4. Herman Edwards, for

a. an abysmal sissified gameplan;

b. an intense lack of testosterone; and

c. his allowing a single player to chase a useless record at the expense of this franchise.

Can't Hackett:

assmop: PS why don't we have lesbian Cheerleaders?

Can't Hackett: Because Johnson wants only one Woody around.

rsherryjr: In response to AEC4's cap v. Ty Law post -

Aec4 how much of a cap hit would it be to cut everyone? :wink:

Please tell us why you voted as you did.

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