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You are Robert Fischer, heir to the Fischer-Morrow energy conglomerate.


You have learned that a competitor or yours, Mr. Saito,


D P R (Mod confirmed Scum employer)

has hired a 5-member Inception Team to infiltrate your dreams and plant an idea within your subconscious mind.


Fortunately, you have undergone training to guard your subconscious and there are aspects of your mind empowered to protect you and identify the threat. You must eliminate, by majority vote, each member of the Inception Team and any other threats to you.

Success brings rewards and dangers. With the elimination of each Inception Team member, you will be taken deeper into your subconscious. Identities and roles will change in each dream level. Where you have lost a defense in one level you may regain it in another. Yet with that, a danger eliminated above may return below.

Eliminating the final Inception Team member will be the toughest because to do so you must travel to Limbo, a deep subconscious level where you may lose your grip on reality and be trapped forever. Be warned, unlike the other dream levels, if you’ve lost a defense above you will have no benefit of it here.

The Players:

1. Nolder

2. Crusher

3. Verbal

4. Vicious (1) -- Lynched D1

5. Leelou

6. Ape -- Lynched D2

7. Pac (1) -- Killed N1

8. JF80

9. JiF

10. Christine -- Lynched D4

11. JC -- Killed N2

12. Smashmouth/Pac (2) -- Killed N4

13. AVM

14. Tina

15. WWWombat -- Lynched D3

16. CTM -- Killed N3

17. Hess -- Killed N3

18. Sharrow -- Killed N1

19. Jack_D

20. Vicious (2)

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Absolutely NO out-of-thread communications may be either entirely or partially quoted, screen-capped or in any other way directly provided within the game thread (summaries of PMs for purposes of role reveals is allowed, however).

Your ARE allowed to reveal the name you were provided with. It ultimately may not matter.

We all know what the spirit of the game is, and we all know when certain actions, even if not expressly forbidden, fall outside of the spirit of the game. For purposes of this game, I have commissioner of baseball like powers to sanction conduct that violates the spirit of the game, even if not expressly forbidden, up to and including modkilling the player and lying in their role reveal. If you have any question at all whether something you plan to do crosses the line, ask me first. This is your one and only warning.

Format: We will be running a normal mafia format with lynches during the day and night actions during the night. Days will run for ***48 hours*** or until a majority is reached (unvoting after a majority will not count) - but Day 1 will not have a deadline unless there is a need for it. Night will end in 18 hours or when I receive all night actions – so if you have a night action available but choose not to use it, please PM me to tell me “no Night Action”. The clock WILL run on the weekend, unless I decide to toll the clock.

Phase: A phase is either Day or Night (in most cases), where Days usually involved voting for lynches and Nights usually involve submitting night actions, such as Night Kills.

Cycle: A complete Day and Night cycle, like Day 1 and Night 1 together make up a complete cycle. Some powers last for a complete cycle while others only for that particular phase.

Actions: Night actions will occur instantly, unless otherwise specified. This means that two people night-killing each other will both die (unless one is saved somehow) . Any action not submitted by the deadline will be forfeit for that phase and I will only accept the first action submitted. Once you send in your action, that’s it! (No take backs!) So be sure of your decision! I'm here to talk it through if you need help. I will keep the Night phases open until deadline unless I receive all potential actions available for that phase. If you do not wish to use your action during a particular phase, please send me a PM stating that your intention to not use it so that I can cross you off the list.

Night Actions: These are actions that can only be submitted during the night phase. Most night actions should specifically state that it can only be used each night, but if you have any questions about this, please contact me immediately.

Communication: You are not allowed to communicate about this game to anyone outside this game thread, unless specifically authorized.

Inactivity: There is no official penalty for inactivity; however, any good mafia player knows that the less active the player, the more likely they are to be the next on the chopping block. So do your part to participate, you will not regret it. If you drop off entirely, or need to, let me know and I will try to replace you if at all possible. Some of you I have already spoken with about this, so if you suddenly find yourself unable to keep up, simply notify me and we can work something out.

Dead Player Posts: FORBIDDEN! If your player dies, you get one death reaction post that cannot contain any game information other than an ACK! I DIED!!! GO INNOCENTS or something.

Editing Posts: Permitted.

Quoting the Mod/Revealing Mod Pics: You may not quote anything I say in PM. You can paraphrase all you like – or lie about it, of course – but you may not post a “quote” from me in an attempt to prove your bona fides

Invisibility: It is not a requirement, but is to your advantage to use invisible mode.

Special Mod Notes:

I try to keep the flavor to a minimum, so to the best of my ability everything I've written in the Game Setup and the Role PMs has game meaning.

I like to have the game decided on the board, so ModKilling is a last resort. We all are veterans here and we know how to play, so have fun.

Everything you need to know about the game will be in-game, either on thread or in the Role PMs. In other words, you don't need to know the source material in order for your side to be victorious.

Thank you!

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You have entered the first dream level, chasing the Inception Team through the pouring rain.




With 19 Robert Fischers, it takes 10 to lynch out of the dream level

Remember to bold your votes in black or red

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JC (1) -- Jack

Christine (2) -- Vic, JiF

Pac (1) -- Crusher

Verbal (1) --Leelou

With 19 Robert Fischers, it takes 10 to lynch out of the dream level

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call me crazy but I'll go ahead and vote the mod-confirmed Scum lord DPR.

--Mod Note: DPR isn't currently in the game, so although he's scum in spirit, you'd have to wait if and when he gets here.

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