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Welcome to SportsNation! On Friday, ESPNNewYork.com writer Rich Cimini stops by to chat about the Jets.

Cimini, longtime Jets beat writer for the New York Daily News and a Syracuse University graduate, covers the Jets for ESPNNewYork.com.

Send your questions now and join Cimini Friday at 1 p.m. ET!

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Rich Cimini

(1:01 PM)

Greetings, everyone. Good to be with you, as always. Lot of questions already in, so let's not waste any time.

IRA (Staten Island)

Rich,SO its basically Hunter's job to lose. I think he can bounce back and play like he did in 010. There were a lot more factors n his bad play last year then him just having a bad year. Your thoughts?

Rich Cimini

(1:03 PM)

You'd better be right, Ira, or else the Jets are in trouble. He played well during '10 stretch run, but it's a big difference when you're THE GUY all season. Wayne has talent, just needs to do a better job of maintaining his poise (easily rattled) and must use better balance in pass sets.

Rich (New Jersey)

The Jets have Tim Tebow, Buffalo Bills did a good job during the off season and the draft, Patriots are still the team to beat. Do you see three teams making the playoffs from the AFC East this year?

Rich Cimini

(1:04 PM)

Sorry, I don't see three from the AFC East in the playoffs. Not even sure they'll be two.

Roy (NY)

Rich, with Hill tweaking his hamstring during OTAs and him coming from a run offense at GT, do you think the Jets will look at the free agent market for another wideout. I wouldn't look at Ocho or Owens but I would take a look at Braylon if healthy. He had good chemistry with Sanchez and I also know Holmes is not going to behave throughout the season.

Rich Cimini

(1:05 PM)

I agree with you, Roy. I think the Jets need another vet, like Braylon. Hill's hammy, albeit minor, shows how fragile their depth is.

Larry (NY)

Do you think if Holmes acts up this season the Jets will deactivate him like the Buccaneers did with Keyshawn a few years ago or would they just cut him and eat the contract.

Rich Cimini

(1:06 PM)

They will not cut him. Period. Woody Johnson isn't eating $15 million.

Sheldon (NY)

Rich, I know Curtis Martin is in the Jets ring of honor, so does that also mean his number is retired? Also it was good to see Aaron Glenn hired again by the Jets. How come when he retired he retired a Texan and not a Jet. 3 years vs. 8.

Rich Cimini

(1:08 PM)

Good question, Sheldon. I will ask AG next time I see him. Last time I saw him was in the press box before the Jets-Texans opener in 09. He grew up in Houston, and there's a strong connection. That may explain it. Martin's number is not retired ... but it will be.

John (NY)

Rich, that clown Stephen A Smith said the other day that the Jets have done a horrible job surrounding Sanchez with offense talent. I have to disagree. His first two years he had a top tier O-line, Cotchery, Edwards, Holmes and Keller. Not to mention Jones at RB in year 1 and Tomlinson in year 2. Year 3 they didn't help him. The O-line clearly declined. However if you look at Eli Manning, he has a horrendous o-line. Do you agree with Smith?

Rich Cimini

(1:10 PM)

I partly agree with him. It has been musical chairs at WR from his rookie year. The one guy they decided to build around -- Holmes -- is a pain in the rear. They saddled him with an old, slow WR corps last season.

Tom (NY)

Rich, who do you will be inducted into the Jets Ring of Honor this year? What are the chances of Wesley Walker, Mo Lewis, Wayne Chrebet and Kevin Mawae being inducted?

Rich Cimini

(1:11 PM)

All worthy candidates. Mawae was probably the best of the bunch, with Lewis a close second. Like I said, I think all 4 will make it someday.

James (NY)

Rich, I know Tebow's roles include wildcat, backup QB and punt protector. But do you think we will see him lining up at FB and be like a Mike Alstott and also lining up as the goal line back?

Rich Cimini

(1:12 PM)

I know the Jets haven't ruled out anything, but I'd be really surprised to see him as a conventional RB. They will use him as a "RB" in the wildcat, taking direct snaps.

Bill (NY)

Rich, I think the Jets intention the whole time was to do extend Revis' contract after the season. After this season they can release high priced salaries like Scott and Pace without taking major cap hits. Do you think he plays this season and they extend him after the season? Whats your gut feeling?

Rich Cimini

(1:13 PM)

I agree. He plays this season, they extend him in 2013.

Scott (Connecticut)

Rich. I was wondering about your observations on team speed with the Jets. Several games last year--the Philly game being the one that comes to mind most--the Jets looked pedestrian on both sides of the ball. I know there has been an onus on increasing team speed, and I realize the OTAs are not necessarily a good barometer to judge. However, have you noticed whether the Jets look a bit faster on the field on both sides of the ball? I look forward to your comments.

Rich Cimini

(1:15 PM)

They played that Philly game like they had you-know-what in their pants. They'll be faster a WR because Hill could run circles around Plax. Will be faster on 3rd down with McKnight for LT. A little more athletic on the DL with Coples for DeVito. Could be faster at LB if Davis is good enough to play in sub packages. I don't see how they're faster at safety.

Pandalero (Phoenix/Long Island)

Lots of double-talk from Revis. He insists he's not unhappy with his deal, yet won't confirm whether or not he'll hold out. Do you think he'll hold out, and if so, do you think the Jets will cave in order to get him on the field? They can't go anywhere without him, I think both sides know that.

Rich Cimini

(1:17 PM)

Both sides are trying to make nice, avoiding controversy. In the end, I do not think he will hold out. I can't see the Jets caving on this one.

Derek Hamilton (The Great White North)

If the Jets play hardball with Revis and he holds out for Training camp would they not own him for 5 yrs with no where else for him to go except to FL to retire. Seems like the Jets hold alot of power to me

Rich Cimini

(1:19 PM)

Yes, they'd have his rights for 5 years. If he holds out, it has to be a must-win for him because the consequences would be severe.

Scott (Connecticut)

Rich. A lot has been made by Rex of Sanchez increasing his overall strength, which has apparently helped his velocity on the ball. Is he noticeably stronger and does his ball seem to thrown with more velocity based on what you have seen so far?

Rich Cimini

(1:20 PM)

His upper body does seem more defined, but I haven't noticed any difference in his velocity.

Mike (Boca Raton)

Hi Rich, How much longer can the Jets allow this cancer with Santonio Holmes to continue? Doesn't Rex lose credibility in the locker room by continuing to make excuses for him? At some point doesn't this have to end? And BTW, Mike T, maybe you shouldn't be bragging about that trade on Hard Knocks. There's a reason Pitt let him go for a 6th rounder!

Rich Cimini

(1:21 PM)

Actually, Mike, it was a 5th rounder, but you made your point. But they're stuck with him; too much guaranteed money.

Ed (NY)

Rich, I believe the Jets will have a bounce back season. However, lets say that Sanchez really struggles and Tebow takes over and they finish 8-8 again or worse. They have Sanchez signed to guaranteed money the following season. Do you think they would draft a QB or go into season 5 of the Ryan era again with the Sanchez/Tebow dynamic.

Rich Cimini

(1:23 PM)

My gut tells me Sanchez/Tebow is a one-year thing. Tebow would be very tradeable after this season because his salary isn't enormous. If Sanchez bombs this year, he'd be done in NY. They'd probably have to draft someone or ... McElroy, anyone? But that's a long way off. Let's see how it plays out.

Matt (PA)

Over/Under 9.5 sacks for Aaron Maybin? And do you think he will lead the team in that category?

Rich Cimini

(1:24 PM)

I'd have to say over. He had 6 sacks last season only 200 (or so) snaps and I think his PT could double, so ... let's do the math.

Nick (NY)

Any chance Jets are interested in Ocho?

Rich Cimini

(1:25 PM)

It would be fun having him around, I have to admit, but, no, the Jets have no interest.

Bob (Newark, NJ)

Youi have reported that the Jets Defense looked good yesterday in OTA's. was that a result of them being ahead of the offense or just more awful play by our Offensive line? Has Hunter shown any improvements that you have seen and what is plan B if Slausson has a set back or can't go this season? Vlad?

Rich Cimini

(1:27 PM)

good question, Bob. Let's look at the facts: You have a well-coached defense going into year 4 of the Rex system; they cause problems for some of the best offenses. You have an offense that has had a total of 9 practices in the Sparano system. There has, and will continue to be, rough patches along the way.

Sean (McHugh)

Hey Rich, whats your take on Demario Davis? I've heard comparisons to the likes of Ray Lewis as far as his mental toughness. Do you see him fitting in seamlessly as Bart Scott slowly fades away from the "D"?Thanks!

Rich Cimini

(1:28 PM)

He looks fast, but call me old school, I'm gonna wait until I see him in shoulder pads before I compare him to one of the best MLBs ever. Obviously, he's their projected starter in 2013.

John (Hillsdale NJ)

Any news on Keller's contract situation? Seems it has been quiet after the draft.

Rich Cimini

(1:29 PM)

Curiously quiet. I wonder how Keller feels about Gronk getting a new deal.

1234321 (NY)

Is Landry's routine absences from OTAs a sign of bad things to come, or do you feel he will be ready to compete when the season starts?

Rich Cimini

(1:30 PM)

He never attended OTAs with the Redskins, so this is his deal. They say he'll be ready, so I'll defer to the Jets, but I don't think it would kill the guy to show up and sit through meetings. Ryan said yesterday that Landry did show for a few voluntary workouts at the start.

Darsh (CT)

Hey Rich, Great Job keeping tabs on everything that's gone on. Now, let's say Sanchez actually went down with an Injury, and Tebow needed to step in to actually be a backup quarterback. Based on what you've seen of him so far, do you think he could actually run this offense and give the team a chance to win?

Rich Cimini

(1:31 PM)

I'd have to say yes, based on what he did last year. But it would be a different offense. It would be ... dropback, make one read, two reads (maybe) and take off if they're covered.

jj (o'burg,ny)

rich,what's your read and prediction on the revis situation this summer?

Rich Cimini

(1:31 PM)

No holdout.

Evan (NYC)

Hey Rich. The volume of turnover in the front office is curious, to say the least. What do you think is really going on here? Was Clinkscales pushed out, and if he wasn't, why do you think he left? Is Mike T.'s seat getting hot?

Rich Cimini

(1:34 PM)

Clinkscales was a free agent, so to speak. The Jets wanted him back, but he wanted to work with his childhood buddy, Reggie McKenzie. Mr. T's seat might be a tad warmer, but he'll be smiling a lot more if his beloved celtics win game 7.

Greg T (Phoenix, AZ)

Hi Rich. Do you think the Jets will attempt more two point conversions with Tebow in the fold? He could be a real weapon near the goal line. My season observation: this team will have a winning season with strong defense, good special teams and reduced turnovers...the defense has a chance to be very good. Would you agree?

Rich Cimini

(1:34 PM)

Agree with most of that, but you forgot one big thing: they have to run the ball. If they can't run, they go nowhere.

Lucas (Scarsdale)

Hi Rich, thanks for all the OTA updates. What's your view on the news that the team will use more 4-3? I think that, quite frankly, it's about time.

Rich Cimini

(1:36 PM)

Yes, they will use more 4-3, as Pettine told me last week. But, looking at it closely, they don't have ideal 4-3 personnel. You need explosive DEs and fast OLBs to run a 4-3, and that's not what the Jets are about. They can use the package in certain situations, i.e. run downs, but I wouldn't expect to see a ton of it.

Zahra (Middle Island)

Hi rich do you think Holmes needs to be traded,sounds like he's always more of a distraction than anything positive out there?

Rich Cimini

(1:37 PM)

No one would ever take that contract.

Anthony (Philadelphia)

Hey Rich, thanks for your time. My question is about Chad Pennington and what he's been up to. Loved him as a player, was real happy to hear about how he helped Sanchez with the playbook earlier this off-season. Since Chadwick is familiar with both the Jets and Sparano, I think it would be great to have him as a coach (either in the near or distant future). Wishful thinking?

Rich Cimini

(1:39 PM)

Yes, wishful. Spoke to him recently. He's doing some QB instructing, hanging with his 3 sons and enjoying life. He didn't sound like he wants to coach, but I could see him popping in for a cameo -- if he has moved past his unceremonious dumping by the Jets.

Eric (San Diego, CA)

Rich, besides getting rid of Schotty, have the Jets made any changes in the offseason to accomodate Santonio Holmes? Will Santonio be a positive role model for young receives like Hill and Kerley? Do teammates genuinely seem to like him, or is he still viewed as a "cancer" and a selfish player?

Rich Cimini

(1:40 PM)

I don't think asking out of practice and complaining about it is setting a good example for the younger WRs.

Noah (Westchester)

Hi Rich, thanks for all the updates. What's your view on Holmes's behavior yesterday: no big deal, or should we start getting nervous that 2012 will be just like 2011?

Rich Cimini

(1:40 PM)

If I were you, I'd be a bit nervous.

Lamar (Oakland)

Did you have a chance to see Revis getted "Punk'd" lastnight?

Rich Cimini

(1:40 PM)

No. Was Mike Tannenbaum in it?

Chris (NJ)

Rich, does it look like Kyle Wilson has taken another step forward after a nice year 2 recovery? If the Jets could have three shut down corners, it would help the safety situation tremendously.

Rich Cimini

(1:41 PM)

I think Kyle improved a lot last year, but he's had some uneven moments in OTAs ... although he made a nice INT yesterday.

Jimmy (Huntington)

Rich, It's been reported that Vlad has been working at Left Guard.......Is this a bad sign that Slausen will not be ready by the start of the season?

Rich Cimini

(1:43 PM)

Slauson had major surgery to a shoulder ... that's a big deal for an OLM. I think he'll be limited in camp, so they need to get someone up to speed just in case and the immortal Schlauderaff (Mike T's favorite) is backing up Mangold at C.

Chris (NJ)

The Santonio 'incident' sounds a little overblown (lets be honest, you guys tend to do that). How big of a deal was it, really?

Rich Cimini

(1:45 PM)

If it were another player, it'd be no big deal. Because it's Holmes ... well, you know.

Ryan (Brooklyn, NY)

Hi Rich. I realize last year's temper tantrum was a stain on Santonio's career here with the Jets but prior to that he only recived positive comments from players as an above average teamate and was a superbowl MVP. Doesn't the media tend to fan the flames a bit here as far as his attitude in general. He was clutch in 2010 and was doubled without a deep threat on the other side for most of last year. I say relax!!!

Rich Cimini

(1:47 PM)

I agree with most of what you're saying, but there was the reason why the Steelers unloaded him for a 5th round pick.

John (Long Island)

Rich, please child. I find it insane people are all worked up over some of the offenses poor performance during the OTA. People need to relax. Thoughts?

Rich Cimini

(1:47 PM)

Who's worked up? I'm not. Just reporting what happened yesterday.

Jeff (NY, NY)

Yesterday Teddy Bruschi said that Tebow should talk less and the Holmes situation was no big deal, but he didn't do a good job of articulating what was going on. I agree on both counts and wanted to get your take.

Rich Cimini

(1:49 PM)

I like Tedy a lot. He's right, backup QBs should talk less than the starter, but could you imagine the fallout if the Jets tried to hide Tebow? They'd get killed. Besides, they love when he talks. More headlines for them.

Scot (Washington, DC )

Rich, all my Redskins fans are making fun of me over Landry and his failure to do any workouts yet (which they predicted would happen). Is he going to show up at all before the end of July? What are you hearing?

Rich Cimini

(1:50 PM)

He'll be there on Tuesday for minicamp, which is mandatory. Whether he gets on the field is another story. I doubt it.

alex (wyckoff nj)

are the jets going to sign a vetern reciever like braylon?

Rich Cimini

(1:51 PM)

Not out of the question.

Mike (Boca Raton)

Hi Rich, I'm wondering your thoughts on Tannenbaum. He's drafted a few stars but overall I believe the majority of his personnel moves were not good. I place the most blame on him for last year's debacle because the roster was clearly not up to par. Is Tannenbaum merely Rex's and Woody's puppet? Does he bring enough to the table football-wise? I think this org would benefit from a respected football mind like Polian. Seems Tannenbaum is better suited to negotiate contracts and leave the football to someone else.

Rich Cimini

(1:53 PM)

He messed up the OL depth last season, but I think GMs should be judged the same way as coaches -- wins and losses. He's 51-46, with 3 playoff appearances in 6 years. That's pretty decent.

Paul (Erie)

The Jets don't have a "true" backup center on the roster. Do you see them going into the season with Schlauderoff & Slauson as potential backups to Mangold, or will they add someone?

Rich Cimini

(1:54 PM)

Schlauderaff getting work there now. They might have to add someone, depending on how he does.

Rich FAN (FL)

Rich, Shonn Greene and Marshawn Lynch both averaged 4.2 yards a carry, but people talk bad about Greene, and I hear how great Lynch was...Can Greene get more carries this year...?

Rich Cimini

(1:56 PM)

Good nugget, Rich. Greene will definitely get more carries, I guarantee it.

Alexander Cohen (NY)

Where do you think ochocinco will go?

Rich Cimini

(1:56 PM)

South Beach.

Chris (MA)

Rich, given they have no S who can cover on the roster, do the Jets think their faster LBs (Davis, Maybin) can cover TEs?

Rich Cimini

(1:56 PM)

Davis yes, Maybin no.

Neil (NYC)

Rich,not to put you on the spot, but how big has the difference between Sanchez and Tebow's throwing been? as big as we all suspect? or surprisingly close?

Rich Cimini

(1:58 PM)

I never feel on the spot, but thanks for your concern. Sanchez has much quicker release. Sanchez is more accurate, throws better spiral. In terms of sheer power, Tebow might have a slight edge. Tebow has a nice touch on the deep ball. But, overall, Sanchez is a better passer, hands down.

Cameron (Indiana)

As a Purdue graduate, I was thrilled when the Jets picked up Dustin Keller, who was one of my favorite players while he was here. I know Keller doesn't have Brady throwing to him, but I still believe he is easily one of the top-ten TE's in the league (maybe if they would just realize that's Sanchez's favorite target, and be ok with it- sorry Prima Donna Holmes and Woody's wallet), and I would love for us to lock him up for his career. What do you think a reasonable contract offer for Keller would be given that Gronk just got a new deal?

Rich Cimini

(1:59 PM)

I agree, I think he's a top-10 TE. Haven't seen the Gronk numbers. If Keller has a good year, the Jets could franchise him. The tag this year was about $5.5 mil.

Oz (CT)

Hi Rich, I'm going to cave and ask a couple of Tebow questions. After seeing him interact with the team and at OTA's, do you still think it was a bad move ? ( at least I think you thought it was initially a bad move ) And secondly, gut feeling, if the Bronco's don't get Manning, you think they would have kept Tebow or look for another out ?

Rich Cimini

(2:02 PM)

You're allowed a couple of Tebow questions, Oz. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. I can't answer the second question. Don't know what Elway would've done. I'm not as down on the Tebow move as I was in the beginning, but I still have major concerns and still think it could derail the season. But he's fitting in well with teammates and he won't make a stink if he's not playing. All comes down to Sanchez.

Jeff (NY, NY)

Why does everyone make a big deal about 3-4 vs 4-3 with the Jets? They have 7 bigs in the game less then 50% of the time.

Rich Cimini

(2:03 PM)

Bravo, Jeff. Great point. The way offenses are spreading the field, you have at least 5 DBs on the field for at least 50 pct of the snaps. And the Jets could have more if they use a "big nickel" with 3 safeties.

Chris (Nj)

If Revis were to hold out into the season, to the Jets still have to pay him his contract?

Rich Cimini

(2:04 PM)

Nooooo. Players get paid after every RS game, plus bye week -- 17 pay checks. They lose checks if they don't show. If they got paid, holdouts would last forever.

Rich Cimini

(2:05 PM)

Wow, I just looked up at the time and see I'm over. Good stuff, guys. Great questions. Hope I answered them OK. Gonna get back to Stony Brook-LSU on ESPN2. Have a great weekend and check back next week. They'll be plenty to discuss after minicamp. Rich.

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