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Cimini: Not So Tiny Tim Tebow Bulks up to 249


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Tim Tebow aiming to gain weight

Updated: June 13, 2012, 7:17 PM ETBy Rich Cimini | ESPNNewYork.com

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Tim Tebow is bringing extra pounds to the New York Jets' ground-and-pound offense.

Tebow, whom the Jets plan to use in a Wildcat package, revealed Wednesday at minicamp that his weight is 249 pounds -- about nine pounds heavier than he played last season with the Denver Broncos. The Jets' backup quarterback said the team wants him at 250 for the season.

"I'm trying to be in shape, be strong enough to do anything, but also fast enough to run around a little bit as well," said Tebow, adding that he's never been this heavy.

This provides further evidence that Tebow will be an integral part of the rushing attack. The Jets have emphasized that his playing time will come in the Wildcat and that he's not competing with Mark Sanchez for the starting job.

On Day 2 of the mandatory minicamp, witnessed by a few hundred fans in Tebow's first public practice, the Jets demonstrated just how much they want to avoid a controversy. It involved some damage control.

Before practice, Rex Ryan said "there may be a time" in training camp or the preseason when Tebow practices with the starting unit. Until Wednesday, he had worked almost exclusively with the second-team offense.

Immediately after Ryan's news conference, a team spokesman attempted to clarify the coach's remarks, saying Ryan meant Tebow would take first-team reps in the Wildcat package, not the conventional offense.

As it turned out, Tebow took two first-team reps at the end of practice -- both in the red zone.

Privately, the Jets believe Tebow can be a weapon inside the 20 because of his running ability.

Afterward, Tebow laughed when asked if there was any significance to the two reps. No, he said.

"Coach (Tony) Sparano does it every now and then, kind of throws you in there," he said, referring to the offensive coordinator. "I don't know if it's necessarily a plan; it's just kind of a feel thing."

Their plan is to use him in the red zone. The Jets ranked No. 1 in red-zone efficiency last season, but they didn't re-sign their top weapon, wide receiver Plaxico Burress. They believe Tebow will add a different dimension to their power-running attack, especially on a short field.

At 250 pounds, Tebow will be the heaviest ballcarrier on the team, even bigger than fullback John Conner, who weighs 245 pounds. It's not that Tebow looks flabby; he's in terrific shape and was voted by teammates the second best weightlifter on the offense. Ryan described Tebow's physique as "rocked up" -- which also could help him in his role as the up-back on the punt team.

Sparano said his No. 1 objective, for now, is to make Tebow a better quarterback. So far, he has been inconsistent, particularly with his accuracy. But teammates say it's unfair to judge him because he has been working with mostly inexperienced backups.

That puts Tebow at a disadvantage, especially if he's relegated to second-team reps throughout the summer. Not wanting to make a stink, he downplayed it.

"One way to look at it is, if you do a good job with the group you're with, you should do even a better job with the one's," he said.

Tebow's first exposure to New York fans didn't generate much of a buzz. A few fans yelled his name during the practice, but some also called out for Sanchez. It was hardly the circus atmosphere that some predicted.

Of course, this was only a minicamp in June, a long way from the real games.

After practice, Tebow signed autographs for fans, as did Sanchez, who was standing near him. The gap between the two quarterbacks is greater on the depth chart.

From a passing standpoint, Sanchez has outperformed Tebow, although Ryan claimed both quarterbacks have exceeded their completion percentages from last season. Both players are trying to adapt to Sparano's system.

"I feel the ball jumping off my hand," said Sanchez, adding that he's in the best shape of his life.

Like Tebow, Sanchez has gained weight (he's up five pounds to 230), hoping it will help him withstand the wear and tear of a full season. He also believes improved lower-body strength has added velocity to his passes.

Asked if this is the strongest he's ever been, Sanchez replied, "Absolutely. Easily."

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Tebow's first exposure to New York fans didn't generate much of a buzz. A few fans yelled his name during the practice, but some also called out for Sanchez. It was hardly the circus atmosphere that some predicted.

lol. again, Rich Cimini, it's the media that's the circus. not the rest of us.

Also, how much bigger can Tebow be? I already feel like he's freakishly huge. I mean, maybe it's because he has no neck, but why are they having him bulk up? Is it affecting the way he throws?

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Jets' Tebow putting on extra weight this season

NYC Wire


Published: 13 minutes ago

New York Jets quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh, right, watches as Mark Sanchez, left, and Tim Tebow throw during NFL football practice in Florham Park, N.J., Tuesday, June 12, 2012. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) - Tim Tebow is a bigger player now than ever before. And, it's not just from being in the New York spotlight.

The New York Jets backup quarterback revealed Wednesday after the second day of minicamp that he weighs a rock-solid 249 pounds - about 7-to-9 pounds heavier than last season with Denver - and the team would like him to be at 250 to start the season.

"I feel that I'm just training hard," said Tebow, voted by teammates as the second-strongest offensive player behind only tight end Dustin Keller. "I'm trying to be in shape, be strong enough to do anything, but also fast enough to run around a little bit as well."

The Jets plan to use Tebow in various roles, including in the wildcat-style offense and on special teams as the punt protector. He might also potentially get a few carries out of the backfield, and running with the ball is something Tebow showed the Jets up close that he's effective at during his 95-yard winning drive last season while with the Broncos.

He will mainly serve as the backup to Mark Sanchez, which the Jets have repeatedly insisted since acquiring Tebow in March.

"I think we were the only people who never had a problem with it, it seemed like," coach Rex Ryan said. "We look at it as we're adding a good football player, which we did. Is he behind Sanchez on the depth chart? Yes. Just like every team has a guy behind their starting quarterback, but he brings so much more to the table."

Ryan said Tuesday that Tebow would take snaps only with the second-team offense during training camp, but then said Wednesday that "there may be times" that he could play with the first-stringers, "but right now, he'll be with the 2's."

Realizing that Ryan's comments could potentially create a stir, a team spokesman tried to clarify, saying that the coach meant Tebow might play with the first-teamers only in wildcat-style situations and not in the conventional offense. But, Tebow then ended up taking two snaps with the first-team offense near the end of practice.

So, was there any special significance to that?

"No, I don't think so," Tebow said with a laugh, adding that offensive coordinator Tony Sparano "does it every now and then, kind of throws you in there."

Tebow won't push to get time with the first-team offense for experience, though, saying he's looking on the bright side.

"If you do a good job with the group you're with, you should do even a better job with the 1's," he said.

During the first two days of minicamp, Sanchez has outperformed Tebow - as expected. His passes have appeared to be more on target, and he threw with some nice zip on Wednesday, in particular.

"I feel the ball jumping off my hand," Sanchez said.

The fourth-year quarterback has also packed on some muscle to his frame, weighing 230 pounds -

5 more than last season. Sparano likes how much improvement Sanchez has made with his lower-body strength this offseason.

"It's important to me not just to impress Rex, but really compete - against myself, against the outcome of last season, against any kind of negative feelings we had moving on from last year," Sanchez said. "And understand why we didn't play as well as we did, how can we fix it? And now is my chance to do it. I just wanted to make sure I was prepared and ready to handle the season."

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More than any other year it seems like we're hearing about specific target weights for a lot of players; Bart Scott, Joe McKnight, Aaron Maybin (are there more?), and now both QBs. Wonder if this is a result of players being way off target in the lockout year or something else.

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Sal Alosi must have sucked at everything other then punt blocking since apparently nobody on the team seems to be at the right playing weight

Whats your boggle? Our linebacker weighs as much as our quarterback, and our safety is more jacked than our linebackers.
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