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Vrentas: Q&A with Quinton Coples


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Jets summer Q&A with Quinton Coples

Published: Monday, June 18, 2012, 10:00 AM

3492.png By Jenny Vrentas/The Star-Ledger


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11191888-large.jpgJohn Munson/The Star-LedgerThe Jets have high expectations for first-round pick Quinton Coples.

Last year's lockout threw off routines across the NFL -- and not exempt was our annual summer questionnaire series. But this year, the offseason returned, and so do our questionnaires. Try not to get too excited. Star-Ledger colleague Mike Garafolo came up with the idea while covering the Giants three years ago, and since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Conor Orr and I brought it to the Jets beat. Like the pair of Wildcat plays Tim Tebow took during organized team activities, this is "nothing fancy" -- just a few quick questions with an array of Jets players, from veterans to rookies to free-agent signings, to get you from mini-camp to training camp. We'll start today with a player for whom the Jets have high hopes, and expect to be an important piece of the defense: Defensive lineman Quinton Coples, their first-round pick.

What are your plans for the break?

Just to train. I’ll probably go back to North Carolina, start training and start practicing most of the stuff that I got, and get some film before I leave. Continue to study our offense, and get ready for the first opponent.

What are your expectations for your rookie season?

Be productive. I don’t have any numbers, but make sure I’m productive, that I’m not just a body out there. I want to be productive and make sure I’m helping the defense, so we can get to our goal, and that’s being the No. 1 defense in the NFL.

What has surprised you about the NFL so far?

The knowledge, as far as understanding offenses. I’d usually master the defense that I’m in and think I was good, but I actually have to know the offense and 'What are the chances of them running this play?' or 'What runs do they have in this formation?' or 'What's the pass?' and then 'Is it playaction or a drop-back pass?' There is so much stuff that you have to know in the blink of a second in order to be productive, so that's been the biggest adjustment.

At rookie camp, coach Rex Ryan chuckled when he heard you said you had mastered the playbook. Have you seen that there is more to this playbook than you first thought?

I think training camp is going to be a little crazy. Right now it’s a steady pace, but they gave me the warning that in training camp, they’re going to move us. Probably give us 40, 50 extra plays in a day. I've just got to be prepared and make sure I understand the scheme of the defense.

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I've seen publications that had him listed as the #2 prospect behind Luck in the pre-season. Getting him at 16 is absolutely a steal if he's as good as advertised.

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I haven't been this bonerific over a Jets first round pick since Wilkerson. Stupid Tannenbaum always making me wait. Lucky Coples fell to him this year so that drought ends.

I really can't wait to see Coples and Wilkerson playing at the same time this year. I really think Coples is going to eat little girly QBs like Tannehill for lunch this year and help the LBs look badass again.

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