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I hear the exact opposite stuff from my cousin who lives in delray beach

South Florida is totally different then the rest of the state...all though Orlando is starting to get invaded now too. 2nd largest Puerto Rican population in the country next to NYC. Crime is at an all time high there now. Place turned to sh*t, real quick.

I've been to Mehico and the Dominical Republic. I've also watched hours of the discovery channel.

I'll take that apology any time now.

Both very gorgeous countries. How was the charm?

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I consider myself having average intelligence but in FL there really are some stahu-pid people. True story.. was at coca beach and went into this make-shift trailer that was transformed into like 5 bathrooms. they were basically glorified port-o-potties that reeked of raw sewage.

As I was exiting out of one I saw a lady walk into another, turn around, and tell her scruffy husband "ohh.. this is naaaice"! LF lauged for 5 minutes.

The fact that you found yourself in these circumstances in the first place, completely explains why you didn't eat at Alligator Soul.

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I am not an avid fan of Cheers, nor am I a Bostonian. Care to educate me, Ape?

Cliff is the smart, funny, great looking one that all the women want.

Cliff s the bar room know-it-all, anything and everything that comes up, he's the expert, and despite the fact that nobody listens to him, he just keeps yapping. So in general its a fitting comparison, but the icing on top is that early on in Cheers, Cliff's character had a stint where he was obsessed with asking people if they'd been to Florida and talking about the state as though he was an expert on it.

Perfect fit.

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Is this game still going?

Yes it is. We're on day 99 now.

Yup. I got revived, went on a killing spree and killed everyone but Lily and Hess. Now we're chillin', laughing at everyone else. You were revived as well Nolder, but I killed you first.

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