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Cimini: How the Jets spent their Money


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How the Jets spent their money

June, 26, 2012

Jun 26



By Rich Cimini | ESPNNewYork.com

In every way, this was a bombshell offseason for the Jets. Wait, check that; it wasn't a bombshell from the standpoint of money spent.

The Jets generated more than $100 million worth of headlines, but they committed only $49.7 million in guaranteed money for veteran acquisitions, draft picks and the Mark Sanchez extension, according to NFLPA records. The Sanchez accounted for $20.5 million of the total in guarantees, meaning $29.2 million went to player acquisitions -- a relatively cheap offseason based on past Jets standards.

Easy for us to say; it's not our money. The point is, GM Mike Tannenbaum was unusually conservative, doling out mostly one-year contracts for new players. Obviously, there were cap restrictions, but maybe there was a tighter in-house budget. No doubt, he also was plotting for the future, hoping to save money that can be used on free agents in 2013 and 2014.


PK Nick Folk -- 1/$765 K

LB Aaron Maybin -- 1/$1.0 M

NT Sione Pouha -- 3/$15 M

LB Bryan Thomas -- 1/$990 K

Total value of contracts: $17.8 M

Total in guarantees: $10.5 M


S Yeremiah Bell -- 1/$1.4 M

PK Josh Brown -- 1/$855 K

S LaRon Landry -- 1/$3.5 M

DE Jay Richardson -- 1/$700 K

WR Chaz Schilens -- 1/$765 K

Total value in contracts: $7.2 M

Total in guarantees: $3.5 M


QB Mark Sanchez -- 3-year extension, through '16

Total value in contract: $58.3 M (5 years)

Total in guarantees: $20.5 M


QB Tim Tebow -- 3/$4.0 M

Total value in contract: $6.0 M (includes $2 M payment to Broncos)

Total in guarantees: $3.0 M


DE Quinton Coples (1) -- 4/$8.8 M

WR Stephen Hill (2) -- 4/$5.0 M

LB Demario Davis (3) -- 4/$2.9 M

S Josh Bush (6) -- 4/$2.2 M

RB Terrance Ganaway (6) -- 4/$2.2 M

OG Robert T. Griffin (6) -- 4/$2.2 M

S Antonio Allen (7) -- 4/$2.1 M

WR Jordan White (7) -- 4/$2.1 M

Total value of contracts: $27.5 M

Total in guarantees: $12.2 M

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this is a little off topic but it's actually really hard to put together a 53 man roster. there's a project where you download a spreadsheet and try to assemble a team with a salary cap. Give a shot it's harder than you think.


it's especially hard to pay Revis, Mangold, Brick, Harris etc. all on the same team. it's actually understandable why the Jets go cheap at LG, RT and free safety. You really can't pay superstar studs at every spot.

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